How to Make a Decorative Folding Screen

Divide and conquer any space with this high-style
screen project. This flexible folding screen is built from
hollow-core doors and features a stylish ceiling medallion that’s echoed by painted patterns.
Each set of bifold doors has hinges that you’ll remove for painting purposes. The doors come
in pairs, so the number of doors you need depends on the width you want your screen.
If you’re going to replace the hinges, fill the holes with some wood filler.. and once
that’s dry, sand the doors lightly, and give each one 3 coats of paint.
While the doors are drying, you can work on the medallion shapes. Paint each medallion
that gets applied to the doors and set those aside to dry. Then download and cut out the
stencil for the pattern that’s based on the medallion.
When your doors are dry, trace the shape onto the doors according to the layout in the detailed
directions, then paint them in, and let them dry completely.
Now you’re ready to start building. Using spacers to get the right separation for the
hinges, place the second door on top of the first, with the painted patterns facing each
other. To attach the hinges, first, drill pilot holes and then drive the screws. With
so many pilot holes to drill, I like to use a self-centering bit like this, it makes the
work faster, easier and more accurate. To get the screen’s accordion effect, the
next door is hinged on the opposite side, with the pattern facing up. Keep alternating
the pattern and hinge placement until you reach the number of doors you planned for.
The final step is applying the medallions to the doors with some construction adhesive.
Let those dry completely, then put your pretty screen to work. For the detailed directions, go to

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