How To Install a Curtain Rod The Right Way!

Hi everyone its NataLee with and today I’m going to show you how to install a curtain rod hi everyone its NataLee with and today I am going to be showing you how to install a curtain
rod I’ve got draperies ready to go in but nothing to hang of them on and we’ve
got a new subdivision being built right behind her house and who wants to look
at that all the time and who wants to be living in a fishbowl
in addition drapery offers a beautiful finished look to any room and it’s just
time to do it so let’s get started okay so I wanted to go over some of the items
that you’re going to need to install the curtain rod of course the curtain rod
itself make sure you have all the hardware that goes with it you should
have three brackets one for each end and in the middle for support and all of the
screws and the drywall anchors as well as a measuring tape and then a pen of
course to mark where you’re going to put it and then it’s nice if you have a stud
finder on hand there are so many cheesy jokes that I could do it that but it’s
good to have and I need to have around a level just to make sure everything is
nice and level and then our husband’s drill… ssshhhh!!! or you can have your
own there’s no rule against that so I’m just saying ladies you have my
permission okay so the rule typically is is about three to six inches outside the
edge of the sill now I’m gonna push that a little bit because I want the inside
of the curtain to barely fall right there they’re making it seem even bigger if I
don’t want to block any of the window the reason you put them on the outside
is because it creates a bigger window effect and by placing it too close to
the edge and having the curtain fall in here it really cut your window down in
half so you don’t want to do that but I want to just push the envelope a little
bit and do I’m gonna do nine inches and so that’s about three inches over the
rule but we can fudge a little bit and then the other thing is you want to get
it pretty close to the ceiling but you want to allot some room for the finial
on the rod and you know be able to set it in so I’m going to go about three
inches down and about nine inches this way so nine inches and I’m just going to
do that and three inches so this is approximately where we’re gonna put our
bracket I just made a little bit of a mark but before we do that we want to
make sure we’re not going to hit any stud so it’s a good thing if you can hit
a stud that would be great because nothing would be more stable for a rod
than hitting a stud if not you can use the dry wall brackets but they won’t
drill in nicely so we just want to make sure we’re not going to run into
anything so we just do that So we’re just inside of the stud so
we’re not gonna hit a stud so we’re gonna use a dry wall bracket okay so now
we’re gonna get our bracket going I’m gonna take our original mark right here
of about three inches down and nine inches out and that’s gonna be at the
top of our bracket so then before I make any marks officially I’m going to take
my level and make sure our bracket lines up and it does so now I’m going to make
my marks and I kind of mark the whole inside of the circle and we’re ready to
drill okay so we’re ready to go and we want to pre-drill the holes because
we’re gonna put a drywall anchor in now they do have drywall anchors now that
ourself setting but these ones are not so we got to pre-drill the hole so we’re
gonna go where we marked it make sure it’s lined up and go ahead and drill okay so we have an unexpected little hiccup and I’m hoping that it’s still
okay so here in Florida the exterior of homes for hurricane protection are made
out of cinder block so I’ve run into that so hopefully our drywall anchor
will still work oh I’ll try it out in one second but let’s pre-drill the other
hole make sure it is lined up okay so I’m I’ve hit the cinder block again so
we’re gonna see if this causes us any issue. okay so we’re gonna take our
drywall anchor and line it up with our pre-drilled hole… set our screws down and
hope they don’t fall and we’re gonna take a hammer okay so we have just
enough room the drywall anchor when we went in without a hitch so we’re good so
that’s a relief… so we’ll put in our other Just bop them in like this. so now we’ve got our drywall anchors
now we’re gonna switch out the head of this I hope we don’t fall here safety first so what I like to do is
just get them in going by hand first so that there is there and then we’ll
finish ’em off and actually I’m not going to put this
bottom one in yet because it will make it easier to screw this in okay so
that’s nice and solid so we’re gonna do that three more times across the top and
then we’ll hang our rod so it’s it’s pretty simple… we can do this! ok so I am done hanging my curtains you
can see the rod is securely fastened but I want to show you something ok so
obviously my curtains are way too short way too short ok so I do know that my
panels need to touch the floor I bought them this way I knew that they weren’t
going to be long enough but that is ok because I have fabric that I’m going to
insert into each one of these panels it’s going to not only give it a custom
look but it’s going to make them touch the floor and all nice and proper but
I’m really excited about that that’s an upcoming tutorial so make sure you watch
that so now you know how to install a rod I’ve got to do it in a few other
locations in the room and so for more great tutorials make sure you subscribe
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thanks so much for watching and come back for more great tutorials


Installing a stable curtain rod is easy. Hanging it in the right location is critical, yet so many get it wrong. This tutorial shows you the best way to hang one properly.

I'm so glad I found your channel! I just finished putting up my home made curtain rods, but this taught me stuff I wasn't aware of. Thank you🌹❤

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