How to grow Money Plant’s cutting in water |Home Decor| #moneyplant #cutting #grow #water

And today i will tell you How to grow cutting of money plant in the water I had cut some cuttings something like this where you can see the small roots in the stem the money plant starts growing from the same area let’s start the process to grow money plant in the water I have a spare bottle very old bottle this kind of bottles if you have in your home if you want to the sell bottle instead of selling the bottle you can use as home decor for example use a money plant cutting or you can plant arrowhead plant similar like money plant there are some stems of money plant when you can see these kinds of roots are growing in the stem it start propogating from the same area you can change the water every week it needs fresh water then your plant will green for a very long time and propogate & i cut the leaf from the below part seeeee lets pour the water in the bottle fill it don’t fill the bottle full so that water will not overflow and you will not face any kind of problem and then slowly slowly put all the stems in the bottle and then it is about to done and after some days rooting will start please remember the 1 thing change the water every week use fresh water if you want to decorate this bottle more then in the market you will get some kinds of coloured stones and plastic fishes pour in the bottle when it fallen down to the base of the bottle it reflect a beautiful light you will get nice look to decor your house try this at your home you will get oxygen with decoration by the god grace from money plant you will get money also Thank you and please like, share and subscribe this channel will meet you in another video and want to follow me on Instagram link in Description


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