How to Glaze Decorative Trim | Paint Techniques

Now we’re doing a segment on decorative painting
techniques which is about glazing and decorative trim. And you might find some trim like this that
I’ve actually base painted. I primed it first and then I have put a metallic
paint on top of this in kind of an oyster, mushroomy finish. So as I rather like the detail in this, one
way of highlighting it is to take a darker glaze, and apply it into all the crevices,
and wipe off the top layer. So, you just get a little bit of the darker
glaze caught up in the actual crevices of the trim. So I am putting this on making sure that I’m
getting right into the nitty gritty of this pattern and detail. And this you can also do using regular paint. Let’s say if you painted this white and then
put like browning stain on top or a brown glaze on top. You can imitate something that looks much
older than it really is. There you have a very aged look to your decorative
trim. And this is a great idea to use around mirror
frames, picture frames, anything where you think something subtle to highlight maybe
artwork would work. And that is how you would glaze decorative


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