Hey guys! I'm back with a new video after my small break explaining why I really needed it and I hope the insights will help you too!

Sunshine boosts are mood so much I have seasonal depression and in the winter when there's not much sun that's when I really get down so I believe it's a real thing

I needed this so much…just noticed how harsh I'm being with myself when it comes to art. Thank you for making this video <3

I love this! I havent felt inspired by my watercolor lately but im going to doodle around with colors like this. It looks so fun. I love playing with colors!

Maam I am planning to buy some new watercolors.. Can I go for Bustro artists watercolor pan (set of 42 shades ) which worth ₹1,199.
Please guide maam 🙏

Hello mako, I’ve watched a lot of your thinking out loud videos in the past and they have really inspired me to this day.
I love art and draw a lot in my free time. Everything in your video is true. Everyone might feel like they don’t do enough paintings or that they’re to much in there confort zone, and I get that.
I post art stuff on Instagram, and sometimes I wonder the same thing.
Like you said, it’s important to make art for yourself once in a while, and that is true message we should all consider for ourselves.
Thank you for the video ❤️

Mako!~ I Really want to send you fanmail! And its me Larissa! Hope u remember me 😂♥️ Even if you dont, thats okay 🙂 Could you gjve me your PO Box?! Please! I would really love to exchange letters with you! ♥️🌌

Excellent comments, Mako! Thank you for sharing what so many of us can relate to. I’ve gotten caught up in choosing things to paint with an IG post in mind and worrying when I “fall behind”—like anybody will actually care very much if or when I post something! Self-imposed restrictions and deadlines are the worst, because they make me feel guilty, and I started painting to have fun. Thanks for letting us know that even you can get into a funk—I’m glad you took the time to reflect and recharge. I hope your online course is going well! 👏🏻😸

This video is so helpful and relatable 😌😌 I even feel the same when I don't post a video..I feel like I am gonna get left behind..and at times I am not at all motivated. But when get refreshed I have like energy to do my stuff for a day straight😬 …its like a whole vibe 😊

Mako thank you so much for sharing this incredible video with us . You are such an incredible and talented artist . 😍❤️

I was in a rut, and wanted to learn something new so bad. I signed up for an art class. Its 2 years, but I'm trying to do it in 1 year. Bold, I know XD But it already brings me so much joy, and my first 3 homework assignments caused me to have 3 decent grades already! 2 x A- and a B. I'm very happy with that haha.

I’m really grateful for this video! I’m currently having an art block! I seriously can’t draw anything smoothly, every time I hold my pencil to draw I feel like my hands aren’t even knowing what to do next! What’s worse is that I’m not feeling the old passion I had before! I used to draw many sketches daily without even caring about the end result! But nowadays I just draw so I could upload it to my instagram! I don’t even feel the inner joy ! Feels like it’s all for social media and not for me! Ugh it really sucks!
I’ll try to be motivated more hoping that my old passion comes back

I feel your pain !! I’ve been the same way for these last two weeks now. But today that is stopping! I’m creating something, anything!! ❤️ thanks for everything 😉 and I’m emailing you to give you that update ❤️

Hi Mako
Since we last talked by email I haven't done any art. This past Sunday my mom passed away. She was 72. So other than environmental issues with watercolor painting that I have discussed with you I now am dealing with the loss of my mom. I will get through this tragedy. She was who always inspired my art and pushed me to do better with my art. Last thing I ever sat down and painted was a Snowman in watercolor for her. I do want to thank you for your advice. Hopefully here soon I can get back to creating. Maybe my birthday which is coming up soon. ☮❤☯️

Great video! Your paintings are awesome and your art is the way you draw is quite calming. Enjoy watching your videos 😊

Btw i am also a budding youtuber…. I make videos on drawing and paintings…. Hope i get some support from you guys #PranayBhanushali

Your brushes look so soft & I like your sketchbook too. Can you please tell us what brushes and sketchbook you use/prefer for watercolours? (Especially sketchbook because the paper shouldn't buckle)

It's like every video you post, it's always at the right time. When i need art tips more, bOOM you post a vid! I'm on art block, baM you post a video about it! Your videos helped me a lot, and thank you so much.

This video is really great. And your words are motivating! 🙂
I love how the page turned out at the end of the video. Super beautiful ♥♥♥

What's a coincidence I'm about to paint and here come a notification of my favourite YouTube artist 🌺❤️ But what happen to giveaway ?? It's that already over??

I've had the worst "art block" this year, and I'm still trying to figure out how to overcome it. Definitely relate to feeling "behind" on everything! 😅 I've been trying to work on things that are still creative, but not necessarily art related like redecorating my room and learning a new editing program, which I guess is sort of like using a new medium.

I love gloomy weather, but then I am a bit of an eeyore. When it's cool and misty I always feel like I'm in a Victorian novel.

I get where you are coming from. I tend to put off just spending time on my art and craft without a specific goal. I know I need to play, whilst in a recent hospital stay, I had taken an A5 visual diary, some felt tipped pens and a small steel ruler and just doodled and made patterns and just let things flow – I had a great time. As for a lack of sun, my partner gets the same in winter. He gets quite down and grumpy. (its summer here)

You always stay positive! Your voice is so calming! I just love everything about you! And can you pls make a watercolor bullet journal pages and cover plzz!??
Definitely gonna need it!
Love 💕,
Your biggest fan

Omg, I decided to paint something today, but had no ideas, and your video just came up! Thanks Mako, you are a great inspiration….😀
And I am very glad you are back….plz keep posting videos and inspiring me!

I feel you when it means to recharge what helps me lately is being in the park on a beautiful sunny day. The park I go to has a beautiful lake where ducks swim and people are fishing. Just being outside in nature helps me get that spark in my drawing. I always carry my sketchbook and just see what pops into my head. Its always good to just be somewhere different

Hello there first of all welcome back I was waiting for your video for a long time I'm an artist and i feel struggle to make blend skin tones and different shades on face if you please guide or make an video I'll be so thankful ❤❤❤❤

Hey, the video was very truthful and inspiring. Your words helped me realize why l actually started drawing and that is to express who l am, NOT for public appreciation Thanks Mako💜

Oh yay you're back, I've missed you! 😀 It's good to take a break sometimes. 🙂 Your painting looks wonderful and it's totally something I could see hanging in my living room <3 😀
Thanks for your advice!! I often find myself wondering "what landscape or animal am I going to paint now?" then I get stuck in trying to figure out what to do, instead of just trying out different stuff for fun.

I have watched your acrylic painting playlist. I found it so interesting😜. I really liked the satisfying colour mixing process done by you with acrylic painting. So please upload some acrylic paintings. I am waiting from a long time mako! Also upload some room decor videos like those which you have uploaded earlier.

I always liked your channel and your art tips, but idk… "so glad to see you here" kinda rubs me in the wrong way, also this forced positivity….. please don't take it in a wrong way, I don't mean to offend and this won't make me unsub 😀

It was really relaxing to watch you play with colour. 😊

This winter has been so gloomy! I used have the most motivation and energy at this time of year, but the lack of sun this winter has made me feel a bit 'blah'.

I've been following a lot of tutorials and bought myself a sample pack of different papers to try, just to keep creating. 😊

whenever i watch mako's videos,my heart calms down itself…i breathe slowly and feel so calm…anyone else who relates?
I am a realism artist and recently i have been kinda not feeling good with my work however people do! so,,,i learned this thing that whenever i draw something creative,i feel so good and people like that more than usual! i have decided to go on a break untill march and what i wanna do is draw realistically but add a bit of style in it,i also wanna learn digital art cuz i kinda suck at it…i want a new time table(i will do that too in march so that i dont pressurize myself much)and draw when i want to,not because of social media! ppl who post constantly ,,like everyday,,,make feel like "how do they get the time?" we need to give ourselves some time and express ourselves and work like artists,not robots!

I procrastinate like I'm getting paid for it. Definitely need to get a routine going and stick to it. I always go to Pinterest when I'm in a rut.

I especially loved the second painting you did! Thanks for the tips! I just started with acrylic paints this winter for the 1st time and it sparked my creativity so much after a bit of a rut with watercolours!

Feel the same. No sun for a good six weeks feels like gray oppression pushing down on me. Uninspired, cold, dullness. I decided to play with paint as you did. But in different ways. Do some drawing techniques to improve my drawing, play with charcoal, play with metallic watercolors , do some abstract. I'm starting to feel better. When I get block I like to try different medium. Here's to feeling better! 👍💜

Thank you Mako for posting such a vulnerable video. It is inspirational and uplifting. I only recently found your tutorials and love them.

I am currently reading "The Artist's Way" by Julia Cameron, it's another great resource for overcoming creative blocks.

Thanks again, Mako. 😊

feeling creative stuck is obvious to all artist at some point of time. … Nice tutorial to get rid of that. I look for nature sometimes. 🙂 🙂

#makoficationsquad !!! Just found you last night, Havnt been able to stop watching your content, so happy to have found you, and looking forward to what you will produce next!!!

Watching your videos got me back to painting with watercolors again. Thank you for the inspiration. This particular video made me realize how much I push myself with my artwork . So tomorrow I may just scribble and enjoy

I think you have more creativity than what this video portrays as I have seen other famous YouTube artists do similar things. Step out and do something unique. Don't be scared.

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