Hi, I’m Jonathan from Today I am going to show you how to fit a 28mm Rolls Woodline curtain pole. This is the 1mitre 50 cream wooden curtain pole. In the pack you will receive 2 curtain finials, the curtain pole, fitting instructions to show you how to fit the pole correctly, the fixing screws for a plaster wall raw plugs, small screws to attach the finials to the ends of the pole 2 wooden cup brackets and 16 wooden curtain rings. To start I am going to establish the position of the brackets, that is the height up from the floor and the distance out from the side of the window reveal to the fitting location. This particular window is 1 metre 20 wide and the pole is 1 metre 50 For a window this size we will be wanting to come out about 9 cms from the edge of the reveal to where the bracket is to be fitted. Do not fit your brackets too far out or you will not have enough pole to sit on the bracket. First I am going to roughly measure out 9 cms and make a pencil mark. Do the same at the other end of the pole. I know roughly my measurement from the floor so my bracket sits approximately half way between the top of the recess and the coving. I need 2 metres 22 as they are full length curtains So measure that up from the carpet. At 2metres 22 and 9 cms out from the recess, make a mark. Now I will do the same on the right hand side. I have a piece of cardboard here that is not part of the kit supplied. It is part of the packaging, but is useful to use to mark out a guide. What I have done is to draw half of the backing plate for the bracket on to the card so that I can use it as a template on the wall from my little pencil mark that I have made. I will just show you how that works. I have my stencil here and will use it as a guide to mark on the wall. You can see I have half the circle here and I am going to mark the lower part of the bracket and the top on the wall. I am going to turn it round so the centre of the stencil is on the mark I have made. This will allow you to locate your bracket backplate central to the marks you have made. This will help you to know that the centre of the bracket is exactly on the mark you have made. In this case it is 2.22 metres from the floor. The back plates are now central to the marks I have made on the wall so simply mark out the bracket with the circular hole on the left and the elongated holes on the right. This allows you adjust the bracket if need be. Bradawl the holes. This will give a nice guide for the drill bit to go into the wall. Drill the wall catching the plaster dust in a small container. When you have marked out the position for the brackets double check before you start to drill. With this particular window I know that the location of the brackets is equidistant from the floor and the coving. If your window is on an angle, whether that be the top of the recess or the coving the best way is to stand back from the window and look at the lines. You could always bradawl a centre hole up the floor, then bradawl the left and right hand side, then stand back from the window and see if it looks roughly level. between the two. Its best to eye the line up and then adjust accordingly. Fit the back plates of the brackets to the wall and then attach the cup brackets. Make sure the final turn leaves the cup of the bracket level and nice and firm. I will do the same on the right hand side. Now the two brackets are installed Put the curtain rings on the pole and attach the finial. Make sure it is secure. Now obviously we have a bracket either side which will need one ring on the outside of each bracket and the rest of the rings on the inside of the bracket. Put the pole into the cup brackets and measure the distance between the finial and the bracket to get it centralised. It is about 3½ cms one end so check it is the same the other end so we know the pole is square to the brackets. Take the small phillips screws that are provided, hold the pole into the bracket taking care not to move the pole and screw the firmly into the pole. This will hold the pole securely in the cup bracket. So I have now fitted the Rolls Woodline wooden curtain pole. Just to recap, fit the pole 9 cms out from the window recess and half way between the top of the recess and the ceiling is about right for this 1.50 metre curtain pole. This particular range of pole is available from 1.20 metre in length all the way up to 3.60 metres The pole is 35mm in diameter. All these poles are available to buy online


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