How to Faux Paint : Smearing the Paint on the Wall for a Faux Finish

Ok, the way you put the paint on the wall
is just as important as the way you smear it around. I want you to remember that your
rag is basically what is doing the painting of the faux finish. All the paint brush does
is just put the paint on the wall. But I do kind of want to go in the direction of a-
I don’t want to just make a straight line like this- we might have some problems with
that. So what I kind of want to do is put it on to where it’s not- it’s going to
be kind of an organic flow to the painting itself. Take the rag and I’m going to start
smearing it around. Work in the middle, picking it up with the rag, and taking it all around
the wall real lightly. Then I’m going to work with my edges; push it out. And then I’m going to go to the next spot.
Let that dry a little bit, and then if you don’t like the way- let’s say I just got
started with this, I can tell that it’s just a little too light, I’m going to add
a little bit more paint, tweak it up a little bit and make it a tad bit darker so it’s
not coming off so easily. And then if it dries on you too fast, then your rag is a little
bit too dry. You need to dip it in the bucket again and get it a little bit moist so you
can get that rubbed around. It is the water in the rag that is actually doing the painting
for you and creating these wonderful effects with the paint.


I had heard of other 2 or 3 step processes involving multiple colors and a clear glaze finish and I think this looks much simpler and at least as elegant. Will give it a try!

go beside the clock (at the right bottom corner of your screen) and then put all the volume up… don't forget to do the same with your speakers 😛
I can hear good… (this way)

There's something really weird and unsettling about her speech/accent. I couldn't even concentrate on the actual merit of the video. Is that an actual accent to be found anywhere in America?

Works about the same, depending on how textured the wall is. Some of the grooves and waves in the texture might catch a little more of the top coat, making it just a bit harder. But it should have about the same effect.

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