How to Decorate a Bathroom on a Budget | Interior Design

So bathroom on a budget sounds like it might
be a little easier said than done. Because you really want to think about the
quality of the items that you’re choosing. You know the style is easy to do. It’s more the functionality and putting the
quality into those type of efforts that are really the most important things. So you want to make sure that your sink, your
faucet, your toilet, your tub area, that you’re putting most of your money towards there. When you’re done with that, I mean how much
money do people have left over for tile and everything else? So the tile you want to keep basic, right? If you keep the basic floor color and then
you do a nice same color, even an accent color in the wall tile, but keep it plain. Where you want to spend a little bit more
money is in the border tile. The border tile is an accent decorative tile
that will really surround the upper rim of like the chair rail. So if you have it coming up about four to
five feet, then you have an accent border going around in the tile. That tiles going to be more money than some
of the basic tile that you’re using for the floor and for the walls. But it’s okay, because you’re only using one
band to go around the room. You save on money and it saves on material. Then a color on the walls that is really vibrant. It’s cheap. It’s paint, so when you add a nice warm vibrant
color it’s going to make it seem like you spent more. A really pretty light fixture and you can
get that at a nice big box store. You don’t have to go crazy for that. It will make the space seem finished and you
know, just completed. Then I think as a nice added touch, is just
make sure that your towels have a really nice thread count. Again, you don’t have to spend a ton of money
to get a really plush hotel looking towel. Keep it white, white makes people feel like
it’s clean and they don’t have to worry about where they’re putting their faces when they
wash their hands or clean their face. When you’re finished with all of those steps,
you’ll not only have a bathroom that looks beautiful, but it won’t break the budget either.


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