How to create secret bottle or cute decoration

Hi today I use glass bottles to create this cute decoration. For this I use this bottle and polystyrene ball. I will make a hole into the polystyrene ball. Now I will start wrap a bottle with rope and I will wrap whole bottle with rope. Now I will do this same with polystyrene ball. and I will make ears. For this I use cardboard. I will draw a triangle and I will cut out a triangle and I have I will little bit bent the triangle. and I need to two this same triangles. and I will wrap triangles with rope too. and I have ears and I will fix this ears to the head. and now it’s time to make eyes. For this I use green foam sheet. I will cut out the eye and I need two eyes now a permanent marker and I will draw eyes. Now I will make a nose I leave longer the end and I will wrap rope into a circle. I will fix a circle with glue and will fix a nose to the head. I will fix eyes to the head too. and now I will fix the end from rope around eye. I will make eyes more shinny and for this I use without colour glue. Now I will braid the rope. and I will fix this braid rope to the bottom side of bottle and from this ends I will make a cat tail For to make a nice shape I use piece of wire and I will fix this wire to the braid rope. and the end I will braid rope with wire. and last step I will wrap rope with second end. and I will make a nice end of the tail. Now I will make the decoration from rope. I will make a knot and I will wrap the rope into a circle and I will fix this circle with glue. I will do this same from the other side and here I have decoration. I will cut out ends. I will fix a cat tail to the bottle. and I will fix and I will fix this decoration to the bottle. For decoration I use same flowers. and last I will decorate the top of bottle with ribbon. and I put a head on the bottle and here is my cat. and I have finished. I make this decoration cute decoration and I have nice gift for my friend. Please subscribe to me or leave my message what you think and you can leave me message. What you want see next time – in next video. See you next time. Bye


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