How to apply a beautiful pearly decorative wall paint.

handicraft In the name of God the Merciful Peace be upon you
Hello, my brothers, in the hand-making channel With your brother Fawzi Al-Jazaery(The Algerian) Today I have brought you a decorative paint
And beautiful decor His name is the pearl From the company Silkcoat This decoration is similar to sandy paint Named Sahari Swahili golden sand or golden sabula That decoration is sandy decoration Either this decor is similar to sandy decoration But the place of sand grains
The grains are replaced with pearls Which gives this decoration beauty and gives another characteristic of this paint Follow me in the stages of applying this paint You will definitely like it.. It is a very beautiful paint Watch the video to the last in order to benefit Do not forget to subscribe by pressing the red button and activating the bell button. Hello all. Your subscription honors us And now we go to the application stages Now that the wall is well prepared We apply the paint fixing layer …We wait for it to dry Then we apply the background paint layer that is colored with the same color as the decorative paint This paint is prepared with pearl decor at the paint shop…it has the same color When applied and completely dry, you can apply the decoration This is the material we will apply … I told you that in the place of sand there are pearls We should not add water to the paint because it is ready for application We take the brush that we will work with….Then we apply decorative paint You can choose to brush with or without hand … This is optional The brush that works best for you …. work with it…The important thing is that the brush is of large size I chose this diagonal shape…But you can work in many ways You can, for example, make it scatter like sand or diagonally…It will be very beautiful When we start working … every time the paint should be mixed well because the pearl granules go down to the bottom of the bucket … thus we avoid applying the paint without the pearl granules It is desirable The workplace does not have strong air currents So that the paint does not dry quickly If there are some empty places, you can adjust them with a brush Make two to three meters Then go back…. Then adjust the empty places before it completely dries up If the brush is fluffy hair, or have traces of old dry paint, do not use it We work with a flat, clean brush In order to get the desired result Then we take the plastic trowel and gently press the pearl granules until we flatten them Because when we work with the brush, the pearl granules rise above each other, and this process makes them flat After working with the plastic trowel We take the empty brush without product brush the wall lightly If there were hanging granules or impurities attached to the decor, we can remove them This gives this decoration a luxury and aesthetics In the end, thank you for the good follow-up and watching my friends Share the video ..Make a thumbs up .. Whoever does not understand can ask in the comments J’espère que ces vidéos vous seront utiles God bless you all

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