How to Accessorize a Living Room | Interior Design

So accessorizing is one of the most important
things that you can do. I mean once you have your paint on the walls,
which are the great backdrop and then you have your furniture, which is pretty much
filling just the space as your needs, you’re going to need to accessorize to make your
space feel warm. Add your personality, and it really feels
lived in. Without the accessories you’re kind of missing
something and you’re going to feel it, as well as notice it just looking at it. So when you’re accessorizing, I like to use
very simply the rule of three. Make sure that if you’re doing vases in a
corner or candles or stacking things, that you have your highest, then your medium and
your lower. It adds some really good vibration to the
space and it also makes it feel like you did the right thing. Sometimes it’s more of how it feels than what
is right. So when you see something centered on a table,
for instance, and it doesn’t feel right to you maybe offset it a little bit. You have to go on your gut with a lot of this. When accessorizing a fail safe method is always
stick to one or two colors. It’s not always done and, when you’re using
a designer, they can kind of mix things up and go a little crazy. But when you’re doing it yourself if you use
one bold color, maybe whites or creams or bronzes, and you could switch it out throughout
the season. It’s going to make your space feel larger. It’s going to make it feel like it has more
depth. And then if you really want to do a second
color, you can do some throw pillows in that second color, bring in a really bold pattern. But just remember bolder is better and one
focus point in each area, is better than a lot of little things thrown around.


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