I make sawdust that results into cabinets and tables. You make sawdust that results into art. You win, I'm jealous.

I think almost every modern professional CAD software can calculate Centre of mass of complected objects and some of them do exist for MAC.

So this is the same thought of engineering used in the construction and sophosticated advancement of racism…🤔 So racism is an art. Got it!

Have u Eva thought about using magnetics in ur art ? An with new advancements in cold superconductors could see the time into the weeks maybe even months 🧐, would u consider sharing a basic design so that I could try different materials ?

Wow I was so proud when I made a wooden spoon on the school project , and then I saw this man’s works … I’m depressed now

What I absolutely love about this, is the integration of computer technology in the process. Its really cool to see this cross between a traditional project with more modern workflows!

I dont mind a speech impediment. And I have nothing against those people, but to me it makes it odd to hear someone and really distracting when you cant see them talking. It feels unnatural. And again this is not to offend this person or anything, I would love to see videos with this person in it, but being able to see them talk would make things seem a lot more natural.

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