How Often Should I Paint My Home? | Interior Painting Contractor Naperville

Interior painting, How often should I paint
the interior of my home? Well there really is no hard and fast rule here but what we
find is that there’s really three reasons why people decide to paint the interior of
their home. First, outdated colors; they’re ready to move on and pick something new. What
we recommend here is something neutral that can last a longer period of time and you can
change accents in the rooms like pictures, lamps, and throw pillows. Second, it really
gets down to wear and tear. What kind of abuse does your home take? Pets, children, high
traffic areas. We recommend a high quality paint use in these areas. Third, is wanting
to sell their home. You want to find something that’s neutral, that’s going to work for
everyone and sell your house even quicker. Send in your Burning Questions and I’ll
put them out.

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