House tour: Studio apartment in Malaysia

Hi from Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur! Today we are going to show you so far
the best Airbnb experience which we had so stick with me and let’s go and see it
together and we are in! guys, I’m
so excited to show you this house because it’s AirBnb Plus. and it means,
that this condo is approved by Airbnb and you can be sure in a perfect stay. so
at this side we have a kitchen it’s pretty big one, it goes deep down into
the nicheю we have a lot of cool dishes nice equipment, but my favorite one is
this it’s a perfect way to start your day, believe me and take a look here! we have a huge snack bar, it’s Yummy 🙂 super and at this side, we have a table.
it’s a bar table, but you can see that it has a specific shape and it feels really comfortable here. it’s decorated with a pendant light and some flower the next our spot is our living room take a look at this coach. it gives you a
casual feeling, it’s so nice we have a bright accents like this British pillows and take a look at these artworks animals silhouettes on the woodю also in
this area we have a coffee table and in front of it, there is a TV zone. this
space is really good and also it fits Engin for doing his training very well and the next spot is our bedroom. take a
look at this bed! it’s a king-sized bed and this headboard kinda says you: “hug
me” so cozy, huge and nice I like to do that! and we have such a nice elegant decoration, like this black-and-white photo photo with the boat and two pendant lights next sport is my favorite one it’s our cabinet! look! maybe you will say
“it just a table and a chair”, but it has such a nice and elegant shape it’s so comfortable and has full functionality but my favorite one it’s a location. take
a look! in front of me is a huge panoramic window! no limits for your
creativity and the next zone is our wardrobe it’s also a little with a
surprise look! it’s an open one! it could fit a lot of
clothes. and because it’s located inside the niche – it’s so okay, that it’s open and the best and coolest feature in this house is a light controller Engin, curtains! it’s so cool! right? I feel like I’m a Jedi 😀 and let’s discover our bathroom. here we go. the bathroom is small simple but modern and comfortable I like this towel hanger, it’s so cool you can put a lot of towels here. we have
a cool sink, big mirror, toilet and shower zone and you can see, that it’s decorated
with a mosaic and simple modern tile and it’s time to summarize all house Airbnb Plus is a selection of only the
highest quality homes with a hosts known with a great reviews and attention
to them details and I can say that you will definitely not miss anything
in here. you have full functionality plus great interior design and this cool open space makes you feel free and it’s time to show you outside Can you believe that?! Lena did a half of a backflip 😀 I’m so proud of her! alright, let’s talk about surroundings as we’re in the service apartments, we have a lot of facilities, such as a Gym Grocery shop Second grocery shop Laundry Roof top bar Library local restaurant, a pool for families, playground for kids, it’s a tropical garden in the middle of the apartments and an infinity pool with a city view it’s an amazing one, guys.
there are even more facilities to make your stay awsome here but what I love the
most is night view from here! so who is this house for? – anyone who is interested in Kuala Lumpur for residents lifestyle. this apartment created for you you can come, enjoy it here as we did. so that was it for today, guys I hope you liked the video. if you liked it, please, hit the like button and let us know, what do you
like to most and we’ll see you in the next house tour bye-bye 🙂


in the full sense of the word : Fascinating 👍 surrounding area of home especially infinity pool across the skyskripers looks indescribable , i also liked decoration style of the rooms by the way we wanna see Engin at olimpic games as a competitor for Turkey ))

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