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Hi I’m Gary,
and this is my designer Matty from The Interior Lab. Our design expectation
was actually very in-line with our previous house.
So, we are looking for something more modern, but I think we added in
a little bit of Scandinavian touch into this space. We have a new addition to our family this
year – new little baby boy.
So we needed more space. When we design something,
we would have something more child friendly. (For the baby to run around. yeah.) Renovation process was pretty challenging
because for me, I don’t come from a design background.
So, we have to rely a lot on Matty for her expertise.
Because this was pretty old place. When we took over it was pretty run down.
was a 30 years old place. What we see is, there was a lot of surprises
along the way. So things like asbestos was one of the key
issues that we face in the beginning.
We need to get the government approval, to actually approve us to clear the asbestos.
Then I think we also saw issues when, at the front porch, when we did the hacking,
apparently the floor was hollow, we have to fill it up again.
So there were a lot of surprises along the way. We never doubted Matty’s ability
So everything was done within the deadline. The team was very professional.
So, I think all of them went the extra mile to actually do their job.
The electrician guy have to actually manually dig the front porch
in order for the relocation of the tv box from the internal house to the exterior.
As Matty mention earlier also because of the bad weather then,
it made their job even tougher during the period. Yeah, kudos to the guys! The services actually far exceed our expectation.
In terms of quality as well as workmanship, I think we are very very satisfied with the
outcomes. To be honest, I can’t really
find one exact location that I really happy with.
Because I think everything just fall perfectly in place
So (all the area in the house.) every areas. (The whole house. Yeah.) Yes correct! The professionalism of the company
especially when we were first involve in the engagement
it involved the boss, Freddy. We felt we given the higher priority. Throughout the entire process,
we felt we were always constantly updated with the progress and when there’s
any issue, we were very well assured that everything
is actually well managed and well planned. On behalf of my family
I would like to thank Matty and The Interior Lab
for delivering not just a house, but actually a home for us to live in
and enjoy it. So, thank you!

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