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This house settles in the neighborhood of
Seng Kang’s new town. As first-time homeowners, we bought over the house with the thought
of transforming it into our dream home. Hi, my name is Angie Ku. I am an interior designer
from The Interior Lab. This humble home is where my husband, Allen and I reside in. Like
most homes in Singapore, we did not have the luxury of space but we were looking forward
to a luxe home interior that has a boutique hotel oomph. Steering away from the ostentatious
look, we went forth with a refined yet timeless design. Allen has green finger and one of
his requests was to have a dedicated area for in-house gardening. Thus a communal area
of the home which has daylight access was therefore set aside for his indoor plants.
Display shelves are integrated into the interior to display the collectibles which I have collected
over the past decade. Allen is also a wine lover thus we have customized wine rack that
is easily accessible for wine appreciation. The original entrance of the kitchen is formed
by an L-shaped beam which is currently covered with a consistent wood-tone laminate that
flows with the rest of the communal area. The space by the window is a restful nook
where Allen can rejuvenate himself with a good read. I had a custom-made standing vanity
table with specific pull-out to neatly place away my facial products. A typical home renovation
takes about 6 to 7 weeks but for us it took about a year from design conceptualization
to the final finishing touch. It took a little longer than expected but we are glad that
every component fits perfectly and aligns to our aesthetical and lifestyle needs.

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