Home staging – the DIY options – Part 3. Depersonalise

You’ve decluttered. Chosen a
simple theme for each room. Nows there’s only one more
thing you may have missed. Depersonalisation, and you thought
you did that in the decluttering stage. But it’s really hard for us to
remove things we see every day. They can sneak under our radar. It’s time to bring in
a fresh pair of eyes. Someone who doesn’t know
your space so intimately. Your agent can be
a big help here. Their job: to do one final sweep
for personal items, and signs of every day life. Things that can take potential buyers
out of their emotional space. They are looking for family photos,
souvenirs from vacations or events, trophies, plaques and medals, and any
other assorted memorabilia from your life. Plus evidence of the everyday, dirty laundry, clean washing, make up,
shaving equipment dishes, and even pets. Remember: fresh eyes always help
to prepare your space for sale. With this final sweep complete, you are now ready to welcome in
potential buyers into your home.

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