Home Decorating Basics : How to Furnish a Small Bedroom

Hi I’m Ann Myrick and today I’m going to talk
to you about how to furnish a small bedroom. You need to think about the pieces of furniture
and the things that absolutely need to be in the room and there is not that much room
so you really need to work with what is needed first and then if you want to add in you can.
This is a small room of a child, of my son and we really have the basics. We have the
bed and this is not a big bed, this is a double bed because we didn’t want a bed to take up
his whole room so we have a double bed in this room and then this is a little, this
is really a little file cabinet that I found at a garage sale. He is a modern, he likes
a modern style and I found this little silver chest but what I liked about it is the drawers
were extremely deep and so that is great because it is his side table but also he has a ton
of storage in these two drawers and so that worked out well for him and then we have a
chest in the room along with a chair and then this restaurant metal metro piece that he
just puts his television and all of his game things on and the thing about working with
a small room is you just need to be sure that you have containers, you have the right pieces
of furniture, you have shelves for things to go on, you have baskets for the pieces
to go in. This is another piece that is great because it is a little hanging magazine rack
but I used it for his books so therefore it doesn’t take up any space but he has all of
his books on it so you just want to really try to streamline a room that is small so
that he can be comfy and he can have everything in it but it isn’t jammed too much. This is
Ann Myrick and that is how to furnish a small bedroom.


This room I would say is a standard size for a second bedroom. I think it looks fine for a teen boys room to me. This is more realistic than HGTV or something not all of us can afford our homes to look like what you see on TV!

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