Holographic Tinsel Nail Art Design with Hand Painted Old Fashioned Lights – Step by Step Tutorial

Hi i am Kirsty Meakin from Naio Nails and
in this video we are gonna do another christmas design, in this christmas design we are gonna
do swagging tinsel, and lights, just like they would be on a christmas tree. So as you can see i have already created an
almond shape nail, i have extended it out and we have used natural beige i think, only
my favourite colour. So what we are gonna do now is we are going
to apply, Love Spell but we are not just going to use Love Spell. Oh no no, that would be too easy. I am gonna do two coats of this colour, now
this could be for an accent nail, you could do, i mean you could do this design all over. pop that into the lamp, and give that a cure. I am gonna seal this in with Mega Gloss, now
i need to make sure that i cap aswell, make sure i cover all of the colour. right, into the lamp. Now we have so more magic chrome powder, this
is the emerald one. I am gonna sue a little brush for this. and
i am literally gonna add, oh my god, you know what this looks like, the northern lights,
the aurora borealis yeah it looks like northern lights. it’s not what we are creating I just want
some of it to have this gorgeous emerald in there. So i have just done random zig zag, and then
some other little bits in the sections there. I love this powder you can do so many things
with it, i am making sure i am giving it a good rub so it goes super shiny and then i
am going to dust off any excess and then I am going to take a little bit of mega gloss
onto some backing paper from a form, so i am literally talking off sculpting sticker
and using that backing, then we are gonna use the holographic chrome and we are gonna
put some of that in there. So just suing the cuticle pusher, gonna start
to mix that in. we are gonna create these little swags now. Thats gorgeous, you can do some many things
with this couldn’t ya. I love it, pop it into the lamp, give that
a cure. So that is ll cured, beautiful, you could
just leave it like that, and i am sure that would be very nice but no, why would we want
to do that. We are going to add some lights, you know
those old fashioned lights where it’s a bulb it’s a coloured bulb and they are like, they
look like an egg. egg shaped, clear bulb. How old are you? do you know where they have got them, You
know on the way to here. there is a place, and it says Oldville And it’s say, no it does not. You know there is a sign, it’s a tree and
it says, we sell Christmas Trees and they have got these bulbs hanging off them honest
to god on the way, they sell wreaths aswell, and they sell chicken eggs and things like
that, it’s a little farm obviously, and they have got these bulbs, they are about that
big and they are old fashioned. they look like an egg shape, it’s glass, coloured
glass, it’s a coloured glass bulb., dead old fshioned, i mean like, i don’t think my mum
ever had them. so where these guys have had them from i don’t
know. Vintage so she i gonna make your nail old
fashioned now. but i think they really nice , i think they
are really sweet. Vintage is cool. Vintage is cool and i think they are really
sweet. and it is something nice we can do, what i
am going to do first of all, i am gonna take some of the white so i have got a selection
of paints here, i have green lilac, pink and orange, and i have got a little bit of blue
here.I am gonna mix a paler colour, i am gonna make them all sort of a pastelly colour. So they stand out. I am going to water them down. And i am just gonna do the shape, first of
all i am gonna make that a little bit more pink, that looks too light. and then i am gonna make this into a wash. You know like we did with the christmas tree
design, we made a wash to make this glow, if you haven’t seen the christmas tree design,
check out the link. Put the wash on so it goes outside and inside
of that shape that we have created. and then let the brush suck it up a bit
So what happens when you do this sort of glow effect, by the time, that you’ve rinsed your
brush and dried your brush out the edge of the paint has started to dry so then you go
in with the dry brush which sucks it up, and leaves you with an edge, you have a little
thing in the middle of the bulb called, the wirey bit the wirey bit in the middle of the
middle of the bulb, don’t forget the filament, so i am gonna do this with a few different
colours. So i am gonna use the orange now. the wash is going to make it transparent. Clean the brush, dry the brush, Then it will
start to suck up the excess, you will have the glow, So i am gonna carry on and do this
with all of the different colours. So with the white paint now i am just adding
a dot to the tops of each of the light bulbs and then also going around all of these swags
and adding little white dots as if they are bright sparkles in that little swag, what
is a swag, i thought swag was like Justin Beiber is swag, It’s how you put things on,
like hanging tinsel. Is that a Stokism. You swag tinsel on your Swagger Jagger You can have swags on your windows can’t ya,
like that or drapes, i don’t know, tell me if i have the wrong word, Oh i’m not saying that you have the wrong
word. I want them to tell me, comment, comment below. Yeah comment below Tell us if i am swagging or if i am draping,
or drooping or looping or whatever the word is. So now i am gonna seal this with Mega Gloss
and i love this because you can see that chrome in the background aswell, I love it. it’s so pretty Pretty fabulousSo we are gonna
seal that in, with a nice even generous layer of Mega Gloss, pop that in the lamp. So that is all cured now let’s finish that
with some cuticle oil tinsel and baubles, not baubles, bulbs , tinsel and bulbs, Such and idiot., Tinsel and Christmas Lights, Tinsel and Christmas lights, if you liked
this design, give us a thumbs up, i want to see your thumbs up, don’t forget to subscribe
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out don’t forget to look at us on facebook and instagram and i will see you in another
video. is it gonna be a christmas one, maybe Merry Christmas Guys. Happy Holidays I think we need a pink, have we not got a
pink. I fink i could definitely be in Sweeney Todd,
Cause they all sing like that, I don’t fink you need to be a good singer, i think you
could just wing it. You’s be alright then wouldn’t you love.


You DEFINITELY have the right word! You're 100% correct doll. Love all your Christmas designs!!! Merry Christmas! ๐ŸŽ„๐ŸŽ„๐ŸŽ„

Kirsty can your products be shipped to the U.S.? I love your korkiness don't change a bit..๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ’…๐Ÿฆ„ Merry Christmas ๐ŸŽ„๐ŸŽ…

It is a swag…so technically you are swagging. Draping tends to relate to fabric because of Drapers (people who sell textiles) and Drapes is an word american for curtains or if you posh over here in the UK xx

Very nice swag of Christmas lights! Show us your nail design in a video. I couldn't stop looking at your nails, I LOVE large BLING! Merry Christmas to YOU and YOURS!!!

I enjoy watching your videos you are a amazing artists and nail technician. I love the tinsel Sparkle in your hair I was wondering if you would please share how you did that. thanks

It's the right word b/c we knew what you were talking about girl. We speak fluent Kirsty by now haha. โœŒ๏ธโค๏ธ๐Ÿ’„


You are so talented and awesome all around !! never change ur amazing Kristy! I wish I was as talented as you. Happy holidays everyone ๐Ÿ™‚

Here in America we String or Drape our Christmas Lights on our Tree or on a Design on a Window. But I believe you have the right word SWAG!
I know what lights you are talking about. they are about 1/2" long & yes look like an Egg Shape. my Grandparents used them as well as we did until they came out with the smaller lights. but before they came out with the smaller lights they had lights that were small that had a plastic cover of icicles & other weird Christmas or Winter things like Chili Peppers.

Also I Love your Personality. Please don't change. You are an AMAZING Artist & I Love watching you create your designs. Some people just don't have that creative art nature in them. I can watch your videos over & over again all day long.

Could you do a naio makeup video about your hair? What colors, who does it, are there extensions in? What are the sparkly bits? I love it!

i love your creativity im currently learning how to creat my own acrylic nail and how to place and decorate the nail.. i so so so so want somw of rhis holo chrome powder bit i cant get it im poor i can never find the right gel polish or led lamp.. im a mother of two aswell so i have to watch my money and spending… anything you can do for advice for me i would love to know…. love you๐Ÿ˜€

I think that was awesome! Wish you would teach that at koocam. I would definitely pay to learn that from u for suitable tips.

Merry Christmas Kristy! From Canada. Love your videos. You are such a great inspiration. I've only just started my nail career but I love to use your ideas. Your products are excellent and I enjoy using them very much. I'm slowly building my collection.

I'm always so jealous of the wall of glitters behind Kirsty ๐Ÿ˜‚ ๐Ÿ˜ love the chrome in the background of this design!

I'm so glad u show how to get the plush up where it should be as some don't go high enough and loo,so like u need fill already

In Canada we don't call it tinsel we call it Garland, so you drape the Garland. Tinsel is the glittery silver stuff that you hang on your tree vertically to make it look like icicle

I'm way late to the party here, but… In the US tinsel (sometimes called "icicles" is a long, thin string of (usually) silver mylar. When I was a very little kid tinsel was made of lead. It was really beautiful and sparkly on the tree, but, well, lead. My cousins used to take it off our grandparents' tree, roll it up, mash it together and throw the hard little lead balls at everyone. The fluffy, round ropes of sparkly stuff that is draped (swagged) around the tree are called garland here in the US.

Speaking as a former makeup artist, hair stylist and nail tech (back in the 80s) I really love your hair and makeup. I have a suggestion that would make your eyes look much bigger. If you arch the dark eye shadow in the crease of your eye higher toward your brow it will make your eyes look more open and much larger. It will also make the puffy center of your under-brow area visually recede, making the area look less puffy/swollen. The crease shadow in this video seemed to go almost straight across your lid with little to no arch. I only mention this because this is the first video of yours I've watched and I was wondering if you'd had an eye injury the first half of the video. Just try the higher crease shadow, take a photo to compare to your usual style and see what you think. It should really make your eyes pop!

My grandmothers always had the big bulbs on their trees. I personally like my tree with the LED lights that I can switch between color and white and nine different functions ๐Ÿ™‚

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