Hilarious 11-Year-Old Tries To Follow Bob Ross Tutorial | The Bob Ross Challenge

– Howdy doody, I’m Khary
Halsey and I’m 11 years old. I’m a big fan of Bob Ross,
and how I got into Bob Ross was first, in third grade,
my teacher, my art teacher, she would talk about him a lot. And then, one day, I was
like, “You know what? “I’m about to go on Netflix,
watch some Bob Ross, “you know what I’m saying?” I like how he was like, “Gonna
just have a tad right here, “just add a little bit, not too much.” I like how he was quiet,
peaceful, opposite of me. (Khary screeches)
(gentle music) What are we gonna do, Bob Ross? – Maybe we’ll have a beautiful little sky just full of warm colors.
(people chuckling) – Yeah, I mean I’m lefty, he’s righty, so that’ll be my excuse for the day. Said what color? – [Micah] What’s your
favorite subject in school? – Science. – Science?
– Yeah, it’s kind of like cooking, but different. Cookies, right? I gotta mix a specific amount,
otherwise it’s gonna mess up the whole cookie. And for example, volcano,
the volcano experiment, you put a little too much of something, messes up your whole experiment. Whoa, I need some help. Bob Ross, I am so sorry. Yeah, this is really difficult to use. Oh, ’cause I’m to using the right thing. What? Aight, aight, watch him. And I missed a whole
step, aight watch this, I’m about to come back. Don’t kill squirrels, kids. Yep, this how we doing it. Scoop it up, scrape-ity scrape scrape. Spread it like it’s mayo,
spread it like it’s mayo. See, I told you I was
gonna come back, didn’t I? I don’t play no games. Bob Ross, no. It ain’t working out, so I’m
going my own route right now. (Khary laughs)
– How you doing? – I’m just like this in school,
I’ll just go my own way. Oh, now we doing the mixing. (exhales) Okay, watch this, just like him. You see? Each layer gets a little
bit darker (laughs). Yeah, I don’t really know
what I’m doing (laughs). I don’t know how he does
it, I’ma tell you that. When I’m watching Bob Ross,
I’m literally doing nothing but using my eyeballs. – [Micah] How old were you
when you started watching him? – I was like six. Oh, yay, green, okay,
green’s my favorite color, also it’s purple. – [Micah] So you must love “Beetlejuice.” (Khary chuckles) Yeah, I don’t understand how
he uses this, I really don’t. Oh, ’cause he uses it like this. This is how I’m gonna recover, watch. – Nice work.
– These trees are beautiful, they’re evergreen, that’s
why it’s only green, ’cause it’s evergreen. Oh, so I probably didn’t tell you this, but I have shaky hands. – Just practice your brushing. – “A little bit of brushing.” How do you do this? Tell me! Bob Ross, what do you want from me? Look, this will, see this? Playing it like a boss. I think you’re supposed to hold it like this the whole time (laughs). Mixing, mixing, mixing, mixing, mixing. Grabbing the big fellow. Aight, now I need this green again. Thank you very much, my good sir. Thank you for your service. – I’m putting some highlights on the side of these trees.
– There it is! – Yes, perfect. I just realized something,
even if I don’t sign this, people are gonna know who I am (laughs). This tree is completely
dead, just like my soul. Pow. – [Micah] Did you just dab on us? – Yes. From the looks of it, I did horrible, but I feel great (laughs). – [Micah] Yeah, how come? – I have weird feelings (chuckling). Wanna give me a high five? (hands slapping) (Khary laughs) – Nice. – I could be like your
Halloween design person. It’d be like the bloody hand, (screeches). (Micah laughs) Bob Ross is a boss, and if you
don’t think so, unsubscribe. (gentle music)


"this tree is completely dead, just like my soul" Man, kids these days grow up pretty early don't they. I didn't notice my soul necrotize until my late 20's.

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