Ok the exterior design not appropriate for WASHINGTON WEATHER!
The interior design is a DISASTER!!! Colors are not for the mass taste. He designed this as he's home! Kitchen is too small…master suit have no privacy at all and small. He keeps featuring the murals on the walls which doesn't really makes the room nice because of the colors he chooses PINK??? and the dining area for how many people seating? Basket and towels on the wall?all the rooms are spread around the house. Not even a bathroom to share for the guest? What is the lounge for and another seperate entertaining area. I understand the house is tri level or split level house but the designer didn't use all the space correctly. Too bad Nice Area NICE HOUSE….Ugly DEEESIGNNNNN. HGTV CAN DO BETTER DESIGNERS THAN THIS!!! I wanted to win this and sell all the furnitures!

I'm praying to win! my fiancé and I are getting married 02/14/2018 and we live in the Seattle area this would be such a blessing for us we want so bad to become home owners but the homes here in Seattle are a bit ridiculous. This would be the miracle we were hoping for for us newly weds 🙏🙏🙏

For some reason, I’m not impressed with this house. I liked the Savannah home much better. If I won, it wouldn’t be a struggle to take the money instead.

Who would design a master bedroom without walls or a door??? It isn't private at all! This is the worst design job, on a dream home, I've seen yet. The designers are so focused on trying to be cutting edge and innovative that they are forgetting about practical common-sense design. I've read some of the other comments too and many agree, this is not a dream HOME. It is more like a tree house or club house with plumbing. A HOME is a place where you can shut your bedroom door to remove your bra.

I love the location and the home. It is a bit crowded with furniture but still a big home. I would love to retire there! I would take the main floor. My son and his wife can have the master swee upstairs, and my daughter can have downstairs when she comes to visit. I would have to figure out how my dog would get around with all those stairs, she has a back problem and cannot go up and down stairs. It definitely is a vacation home for several families. The views and yard is to die for.

What a total disaster in so many ways, so much has to be redone to make it liveable. No storage, no privacy, too many stairs, uncomfortable furniture, boring color palette, not energy conscious, and the list keeps going. Man does not live by views alone…

The colors of the outside of the house are really nice. The inside’s white and grey color scheme that’s kinda going on is nice as well but the issue is that the house seems crowded with all the extra decorations some of which didn’t really fit the design of the house or the white/greys color scheme. The rooms seemed a bit small and just overall the house has way too many unneeded decorations/furniture. I love the outside look more than the inside 🤷🏻‍♀️

I love the house, the décor and well EVERYTHING. I would not sell it I would pack my bags and be there in a split second.

People complaining about it yet still enter, it's a free house if you win if you don't like it make it a vacation home and live elsewhere but don't be so greedy

Hate the colors. They put way too many accent chairs and nick backs is every room. It looks small and crowded. The overuse of wall art makes everything look cluttered. The statement wall in the master looks like an amateur did it. Very diy and cheap looking

Not thrilled about that ugly ass hill you have to descend to reach that huge eye sore concrete slab out back. Why couldn't they pick a more private location?

Ive lived in the desert of west texas and upper mexico bordering west texas all my life. Never even seen the ocean….. if i win this would be a whole 360 with my life ! i will need to make some corrals for my horses, chickens and goats tho. and im not going to lie i will miss the dirt getting into everything and seeing mesquites everywhere i go.

I absolutely love the design in & out! Whales are my absolute spirit animal! I have been putting in my entry's twice a day! I would die if I won!! This would be my 1st house!❤

Oh what I would do to win this for my family. We could finally all be together and not half the country apart.

It looks cramped. A smallish house made worse with the stairs in the middle of each floor and way too much furniture. Over decorated.

Man I absolutely love every single aspect of this house! I've been looking up dream homes of the past and I have to say in my opinion this is the best one yet. The redesign of the structure of the home is functional and sleek and the decor is phenomenal. Great job to all of you who put in so much time and effort into making this house awesome!

Wow look all these privileged people in the comments! "Its ugly, its designed terribly, there's no door for the master bedroom!" Wah! I hope you guys didn't put a single entry in to win it! It'll give my family a better chance to win, and actually USE and LOVE the home, not sell it!

I really hope I win! I entered every chance I get! I love everything about this home and would feel like the luckiest girl in the world! We need this home to start our lives. When do they announce the winner or do they surprise them? is their a live video we can watch?

In all the homes, I have never seen such small master bedrooms . The ensuite bath is even worse. Have your holders talk to Green Park homes and other builders in Toronto to see what they are doing wrong . Shockingly small. Even in 3000 SQ ft, they're small.
And no family rooms on the main floor or. Den? That's easy to do with 3000 SQ ft or less.

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