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♪ If you’ve got nothin’ to do ♪ ♪ Well I’ve got a couple
of tricks for you ♪ ♪ So take a look at these vids ♪ ♪ ‘Cause it’s Life
Hacks For Kids ♪ – Hi, I’m Gillian. This is my hamster
Squeakers, a.k.a., Squeaky, a.k.a., Squeaky Squeakers. And, as you can see,
Squeaky is very active. So, let’s make some hacks to
keep her in tip-top shape. Here are my Healthy
Hamster Hacks. Like all hamsters, Squeaky’s
got a very healthy diet. So, let’s help her
keep eating right with my Yogurt Drop Treats. To make this you’ll
need a baking sheet, plain yogurt, a spoon, a
sandwich bag, and scissors. Open up your sandwich bag and put in about six
scoops of yogurt. Zip it closed. Push all the yogurt to
the bottom of the bag. Snip off a small piece
of the corner of the bag over the baking tray. Squirt little dots of yogurt
onto your baking tray. They can be any size
or any shape you want. Oops. Watch your bag if you
have lots of rows. Put it in the freezer. Now scoop it out and
put it in a container. Bon Appe-squeak! You like it? It’s good right? (laughs) Did you know that
hamsters are nocturnal? That means that when you go
to bed, they’re wide awake. So, let’s make sure that she
has something to do after dark. Here’s how to make my Mini
Muscle Beach Jungle Gym. To make this you’ll need
two wrapping paper tubes, two paper towel tubes,
an old oats container, a piece of flat cardboard,
a scrap piece of cardboard, a hot glue gun with
non-toxic glue, scissors, a sharp pencil, a
permanent marker, and a little drink
umbrella if you have one. Using your oats container, trace a circle onto your
scrap piece of cardboard. Cut it out along the
inside of your line. Set it aside. Take the top off
your oats container. Draw a rectangle on the
side of your oats container. Flip it over and do the
same on the other side. Cut them out on the
outside of the line. Grab your scrap cardboard circle and lay it inside
your oats container. Glue it in place so it lines up with the
bottom of your rectangles. Between the two openings,
draw a little window. Cut this out, and you can use
a sharp pencil to get started. Set your tower aside. Using your flat cardboard
piece as a guide, cut your wrapping paper
tube into four pieces. These will keep Squeaky
inside my Mini Muscle Beach. Maybe. Glue the tubes in place. Glue your tower
onto your platform. I put mine a little off-center. Now set this aside. Take your paper towel tube and
cut about 1/3rd off the end. Flatten the bigger piece and
cut one corner off each side. Set that aside. Take the smaller piece
and cut it in half. Cut one of those
halves in half again. Glue the small halves onto the edges of the bigger
half to make a bridge. Cut three pieces of
wrapping paper tube. Make them about the same length. Set all but one
aside, flatten it, and cut one of the corners off. Glue your bridge and
your support in place. It’s time to make a
slide for Squeaky. Cut your second piece of
wrapping paper tube in half. And glue it to the lower lip
of your paper towel tube. Now you have your slide. Glue your slide to the
end of your bridge. And glue a last piece
of wrapping paper tube underneath for support. Now make another slide and then glue it to the
other side of your oat can. Close the top of your oats
container and add an umbrella. Add any more tubes,
signs, or decorations so your pet can have fun. Lift those weights,
come on, work out. Go down the slide. Yay! (hamster squeaking) Nothing’s more important
to a healthy lifestyle than beauty rest. Here’s a place for squeaky
to rest her tiny, tiny head, with my Tiny Hamster Bed. To make this hack you’ll
need a hot glue gun, popsicle sticks, safety
glasses, an old sock, needle nose pliers, and a ruler. First step, put on
your safety glasses. Make the base of your bed. Use your pliers to cut eight
four-inch popsicle sticks. Once you have your eight pieces, cut three three-inch pieces. Cut off the curve on both ends to make sure each side’s flat. These will hold the bottom
of the hamster bed in place. Line up your eight four-inch
sticks next to one another. Glue one three-inch
piece of popsicle stick across the middle. Glue the other two
on either side. This will be the bottom
of your hamster bed. Now make the sides of your bed. Cut four more four-inch
popsicle stick pieces. Trim the curved ends off
so both sides are flat. Use your pliers to cut
two 1-1/2-inch pieces. Trim off the ends. Since this one’s small,
you can use the same stick. Line up your four longer
pieces next to one another, and glue your smaller
pieces close to either end. Repeat this step
for the other side. Now make the foot of your bed. Cut four three-inch
long popsicle sticks, and trim off the other
end to make it flat. Cut two 1-1/2-inch
long popsicle sticks. Line up your four three-inch
sticks next to one another. Glue your two smaller
pieces close to either end. Now that you have a foot board, it’s time to make
your headboard. The headboard’s a little bit
taller than the footboard. Cut five three-inch long
popsicle stick pieces, and two pieces that
are 1-3/4-inches long. Lay your five long pieces
next to one another, and glue your two short
pieces close to either end. You can take off
your safety glasses, because it’s time to
glue your bed together. Glue the headboard to the base. Then, glue the footboard. Then glue on the sides. All we need is the blanket. Cut the ankle of
your tube sock off, and then glue it to your
bed to make the bedding. Squeaky is going to love this. Time to rest Squeaky. You’re cute.

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