Haircuts Everyone Will Be Asking For In Spring 2020

Hairstylists and haircare experts are predicting
a number of stunning hairstyles you’ll be asking for in spring 2020. So, what sort of cut should you get the next
time you visit the salon? We spoke to the experts for you, and according
to them, these looks are sure bets. According to Gina Rivera, founder and president
of Phenix Salons: “When it comes to spring, the key is hairstyles
that can be worn in a versatile manner, meaning you can dress them up or wear carefree and
loosely.” This makes the bob a top haircut for spring
2020. Rivera said: “It has classic clean lines, which can allow
for a very sophisticated look, especially if worn straight and with a slight amount
of shine added to the hair for a sleek look.” However, you don’t have to wear your bob pin-straight
and completely smooth. Rivera added that: “Uniquely, the bob can have a dramatically
casual look as well. This can be accomplished by adding a little
mousse to the roots and allowing the hair to fall naturally or wearing in loose waves.” Although you may think of the bob haircut
as a shorter style you may want to consider going for an even shorter haircut in spring
2020. The “soft bob” is definitely going to be on
trend during the warmer months according to celebrity hairstylist Kendall Dorsey. However, she also expects to see what she
calls the “blunt jaw-skimmer” bob to make waves over the season. Much like the classic bob, the jaw-skimmer
is a versatile look. Dorsey said: LA hairstylist Leanne Citrone
told Refinery29 that the style is already iconic: “Part your jaw-skimming bob in the center,
and you’ve got an instantly sleek look, just like J.Lo at the [2018] Billboard Music Awards.” “Good?” “Perfect.” You’ve heard of the bob, but what about the
orb? If you’re unfamiliar with the look now, you
won’t be in spring 2020. According to Chicago hairstylist Amy Abramite: “The shape is flattering to the head shape,
and minimizes fullness on the sides of the head. The layers on the underneath are cut shorter,
while keeping the layers on top to fall over removing bulk from the sides. The fringe and back layers are the same length
all around and draw attention to the eyes.” Washington, D.C.-based hairstylist Emerald
J. Fox thinks you’ll be asking for a different kind of pixie come spring 2020. While super short cuts may always be a fun
and adventurous look, Fox revealed that modern pixies will call for more length than pixies
of the past: “Longer pixies are making their debut and
with an added oomph of beautiful soft layers with loads of texture. This look screams confidence and style.” While this pixie can greatly reduce the time
spent styling your hair in the coming spring, you’ll want to make sure you get a quality
haircut, considering it can make or break the look. Emerald explained: “The shape of the pixie is already styled
by the cut…” In other words, styling products are simply
for maintaining the pixie. While it may be hard for you to envision pulling
off a modern, shaggy haircut, Phoenix Salons founder Gina Rivera assured The List that
this cut works for all: “Shags will…have a huge draw this spring…They’re
another style that is versatile, fun, sexy and sophisticated…For those longing for
a bit more sophistication, the shag can be worn straight or with face framing bangs resulting
in a sleeker, crisp look that’s perfect for evening or the office. That’s not to say that this haircut is all
work and no play. Rivera continued to say: “For those heading out for a fun day the layers
can be styled loosely emphasizing pieces of hair that fall naturally. This is a fun look that you can even add a
little gel [to], which can create a jagged, edgy, feel that will emphasize texture, dimension
and volume.” If you’re concerned you’ll have to cut your
hair to pull off this look, you don’t need to worry. Long hair can be coiffed into a shag just
as easily as shorter hair. Founder of Arizona-based Salon Five Zero Four,
Terra Harvell says you’ll be asking for “straight-across bangs,” or blunt bangs, come the warmer months. She says: “[They] are making a major comeback. I expect this trend to make a big appearance
in the spring as women are looking to shake things up!” If you happen to have an oval-shaped face,
you’re going to especially love this haircut. Marcus Francis told Glamour: “Soft, blunt bangs cut straight across visually
flatter oval faces.” No matter your face shape, though, these straight-cut
bangs are definitely worth trying. However, you should know there is such a thing
as too blunt when it comes to bangs. Hairstylist Lindsay Victoria told Elite Daily: “Anything that’s too blunt or above the eyebrow
will be more on the childish side.” Hairstylists agree that you’ll soon be asking
for retro bangs. Curtain bangs, in particular, are going to
be huge in spring 2020. For those unfamiliar with this classic style,
Kendall Dorsey has a rundown: “[They’re] bangs that are parted down the
middle, framing your face on each side.” Terra Harvell expects to see modern shag haircuts
paired with curtain bangs for a “Farrah Fawcett vibe.” She told The List: “This cut includes long bangs parted down
the middle with lots of face-framing layers.” It’s easy to understand why the trend is expected
to become popular. Sam Burnett, the owner of Hare & Bone salon,
told Refinery29: “It works so well because it’s multi-functional,
low maintenance, and enables you to wear it your own way…You can move it forward to
frame your face or tuck it back to open up your features. It essentially offers a 2-in-1 cut without
the maintenance of a full fringe.” Whether you call them baby bangs or micro
fringe, the itty bitty forehead fringe is expected to come back in a big way in spring
2020. Even if you never pictured yourself trying
out the trend, you may just find yourself asking your stylist for the unique cut. Amy Abramite says: “The detailing around the hairline creates
soft face framing while retaining its fierceness.” When requesting this look from your stylist,
Abramite said to make sure the micro fringe has “the shortest lengths in the haircut.” In doing so, the baby bangs will stand out. “She wants to know when you’re getting the
cut, sweetie.” Don’t sleep on the severe pixie in spring
2020. Rivera says: “Pixies are [a] go-to when it comes to variety
in your style. They can be worn in a straight geometric look
for those favorite evening events or work commitments.” Angular pixies aren’t the only ones you’ll
see come spring, though. Rivera added: “A slick down pixie is a favorite if sophistication
is your goal. Also, a deep side part can change the look
of the pixie quickly and dramatically. Likewise, the cut looks incredible when worn
in a spikey, more trendy style that is perfect for the beach or a sporting event.” Pixies are certainly one of the most effortless
haircuts you can try, but that doesn’t mean you can’t spend some time jazzing them up. According to Rivera, pixies welcome accessorizing. She said: “Everything from blingy barrettes, headbands,
hair combs and even visors look great with the pixie.” You can wear a classic bob haircut in a wavy
fashion, but, if you know you’re going to want to wear your bob this way on the regular,
you should let your stylist in on your plans. This is so you can get a cut that’s specially
tailored to wearing your hair wavy. According to Amy Abramite, this cut, known
as a “relaxed, wavy bob”, is going to be a big deal in spring 2020. She said: “At the salon, request a length that is near
the collarbone that is razor-cut, or point-cut for feathery ends, for movement and no harsh
lines. The layers near the chin should be subtle
and blended for a minimal effect. The hair should be blow dried with fingers
for a tousled feeling. Once the hair is dry, a large two inch spring
curling iron is used to create undulating waves by gently placing horizontal sections
of hair in between the barrel and the tong and lightly tapping them together.” Unicorn hair was one of the hair trends everyone
ditched this decade, but what about the other mythical hair trend: mermaid hair? According to Emerald J. Fox: “Super-long mermaid hair is always a go-to!” While you can certainly experiment with vivid
hair and try out the colorful hair trend that became popular back in 2015, the “mermaid
hair” trend of 2020 isn’t about the color of your hair, but the cut. Fox says the cut is about: “Long, soft invisible layers for movement
and volume with any variation of loose layers framing the face.” Whether you have textured or straight hair,
the expert says you can try out the style. Fox added: “Perfect this look with styling cream by either
a loose blow dry with a flat brush and/or hand styling in dry hair. Texture spray will always show off the cut
more so ending the style with this is an added bonus to your look.” The flared bob is not your run-of-the-mill
bob. According to Amy Abramite: “This bob has a strong, blunt line with ends
that flare out. The front of the style is lifted away from
the face with a side part to feature the eyes and create a clean fresh look on the hairline. The texture is smooth and straight for polish
and shine, and the sides are worn tucked behind the ears to lift the cheekbones and open the
face.” When requesting this haircut at your salon,
you don’t actually need to ask for a flared bob. Abramite said the cut is the same as the blunt,
one-length bob. The only difference is in the styling. She explained: “The hair should be blow-dried straight with
a flat brush, and the ends are flared out with a flat iron. The hairline and sides are styled back with
hairspray for a finished polished look.” After a long, cold winter of maintaining your
long hair, you may find that you actually quite like your locks with a bit of length. While warm weather may be on the horizon,
that doesn’t mean you have to go into full pixie mode. Emerald J. Fox thinks many people will embrace
loose, long bobs, especially ones with some “popping fringe.” These shoulder-grazing lob haircuts aren’t
overly structured, making them look playful with just the right amount of “undone.” The loose lob is an especially great fit for
those who don’t have straight hair. Fox told The List: “This is perfect for hair types with a little
more texture.” However, you will want to ask your stylist
to remove any excess weight from your hair. Adding fringe will add style, but Fox recommends
consulting your stylist to make certain this cut will be the right fit for both your hair
texture and lifestyle. “Would that it were so simple.” “Would…Would that it were so simple.” “Would that it were so simple.” “Would that it TWERE so simple.” You could say 2020 is the year for Fleabag
star Phoebe Waller-Bridge, so it’s no wonder we’ll all be dying to emulate her hair in
spring 2020. This haircut, dubbed the “Brit bob” by Amy
Abramite, is extremely versatile. Abramite explained: “It can be worn with volume off the face with
no fringe, a full fringe, or a swept fringe. The fringe is cut just below the eyes for
maximum style options. The back of the bob adds weight for a fuller
head shape for a gradual soft build up of weight. This is a great shape if you like to look
a little different every day.” While you could certainly provide your stylist
with a picture of the star, Abramite recommends requesting, quote, “a graduated shape…with
point-cutting” to avoid any confusion about what style you’re getting. And remember: “Hair is everything. We wish it wasn’t, so we could actually think
about something else, but it is.” Check out one of our newest videos right here! Plus, even more List videos about your favorite
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