Habitaflex folding house (2020)

This video will show you how we installed
an expandable Habitaflex folding house at our lakefront resort. Maison Laprise did some videos on Habitaflex
houses from the builder perspective. This video will be from the client’s side. From delivery to complete setup of the folding
house. Simpletek, Practical effective technology. I made this channel to channel to experiment
with simple technology for agriculture, and energy. Clicking the subscribe button tells youtube’s
algrathrythm you want to see more videos like this. Click the subscribe button now! We started with a lakefront lot at a development
we created This is going to be our year round home so we want it done right. First we put down a gravel base. You don’t need much of a foundation for a
habitaflex, a couple loads of gravel if your ground is solid and you’re good. Then we installed a plastic septic tank. After that was put in place it’s time for
the habitaflex! I excitedly followed the house down the highway
to the resort and had a crew ready for the setup. It’s pretty easy to figure out but it helps
to have experienced people. Luckily we had a John deer 544K front end
loader on the site. You can set up a habitaflex with just jacks
but using the powerful front end loader made everything go a lot faster. Habitaflex uses a built in cranking system
to expand the floors and ceilings. You hook up their special poles and attach
a powerful drill to drop the floor and raise the roof. After expanding you pull out the walls and
set everything in place. It’s really just that easy. Once expanded we drilled a well. it had to go down about 80 feet to get good
water at our location. And hookups need to be 10 feet below grade
to be safe from frost in winter. What can I say about habitaflex? Overall we’d recommend it as a cottage. The walls are 2×4 but spray foam inside so
they have the same insulation factor as 2×6 walls with batt insulation but you can hear
the wind a little more. We made a few minor changes, the toilet was
made for midgets so we replaced that and of course we built a deck. Having lived here for a few years now, the
bottom line is, it’s a nice small house. If you wanna see how we built our lakefront
resort, click the link to the next video. And please take the time to share this video. Thank for watching! Have a Great Day!


are these available in the U.S.? It would be perfect on my property in Arkansas ( if they deliver that far ). Looked on their website and couldn't find a price, do you know the cost? Will they comply with U.S. building codes?


I guess you never heard of these guys. They have been doing it better & longer. Fully automatic, hands free. Check it out.

oh no!! I wanted one for my animal rescue!! The plant burned down https://www.woodworkingnetwork.com/news/canadian-news/fire-closes-habitaflex-modular-home-builder-near-quebec-city-usine-maison-laprise

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