Grow Purple Single Crystals of Salt at Home! DIY Home Decorations!

Hello everyone In this video, I will show you how to grow a beautiful purple, single crystal. For this, we will need the following substances: POTASSIUM CHROMIUM & POTASSIUM ALUMINIUM SULFATE To begin let’s make a mixture of “alum” (Aluminium) To do this, take a glass (cup, container or beaker) and weigh 100 Grams (100g) of Aluminium Potassium Sulfate and 12 Grams (12g) of Chromium Potassium Sulfate in it. Adding *Chrome Alum* will make the crystals voilet Then pour 400ml of very hot water into the glass and stir until all the “Alum” is dissolved after it’s all dissolved, leave this glass, for a few days to let the crystals form at the bottom And then later, pour the “Alum” solution into another container As you can see a lot of beautiful, little, fused together crystals have formed at the bottom of the glass Now we can open the *mass* of the crystals, and put them in a bowl Choose from this *mass* the most beautiful and large crystal This crystal will serve as a seed, from which a large crystal will be grown in the future The solution which previously was submerged, can be now filtered, but that is optional. Now tie a seed on a thin fishing line and hang it, in the solution of “Alum” on a pencil or a stick Now we can only wait for the crystals to grow over time…water will evaporate from the solution and excess “Alum” will form the crystals that is hanging onto the fishing line after some time, the crystal will begin to take a regular dimetric shape that is defined by the crystal lattice of a substance for “Alum” its “octasional” (octagonal) [8 sides] or Octahedron also during the crystal growth excess crystals will grow as well on the bottom and the line of the glass And this shall be removed. it is better to save these crystals as it is possible to prepare a solution and raise other crystals, off of them in the future also, to keep the crystal growing it is important to avoid extreme temperatures and pollution of the solution after two months my crystal has become large enough and i decide that i can stop its growth I pulled all the crystal from the solution and dessicated it’s surface with a napkin next i covered the crystal with colourless nail polish one or two layers *coats* is usually enough It’s important to protect the crystal from further destruction after the nail polish has been dried it’s ok to touch the crystals with bare hands Crystal growth is very exciting activity that develops patience and mind I raised two purple crystals one is dark and the other one is more transparent and bright Now Ladies and Gentleman as we have done a long journey growing these crystals Let’s just enjoy their beautifulness without any further comment. *SUBTITLE*=Citation may be needed, video wording may not be correct/understandable. Subtitles contributed by: ABOUT TIME FILMS AND BUDDY PLEASE CHECK OUT THEIR CHANNELS!!


Check Wikipedia for making crystals of borax also.
Similar name as the one mentioned here.
Great video .
Thank you for sharing .
The crystals are lovely.
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You have a large number of comedians in your audience.
Enjoyed the comments also.
Thank you to all.

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so after trying this I had a super hard time tying on the seed. Even after getting it hung in the liquid it would fall out of the loop after some time. Is there some special knot i need to do?

We grew just alum crystals in my general chem lab and they are truly really pretty!! my professor did not chose it as one of the "pretty ones to keep" tho lol
Alum crystals are clear and very transparent you could see the small seed tied in the center😅

I have not the slightest clue of what came out of this guys mouth except the word crystals, but that’s amazing, I think my nieces would love to try this.

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Preheat the coal and sink in nut butter, put everything in the freezer.

You will get a much bigger crystal from carbon ore.

But it will not have regular geometric shapes.

Is it has same or equal hardness with another quartz crystal (ex. Amethyst, Peridot, etc)? How hard is it (in Mohs scale)?

I know most people don't have these products at home but you can get both on Amazon for about 40$ 😉

I have failed to make that for 2 times,and I wanna give up if I make one more failure….LOL😂😂😂

Thank you! I think I would have sprayed it with clear spray while it still was hanging from the thread. I would have loved to have strings with crystals hanging in my window so the light could catch it.

Hi, your site is awesome. I'm learning a chemical that can be man-made. I've learned to clean different types of minerals and some on rocks. Thank you for sharing your experience and sharing you with us your video. God Bless.

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