Graffiti Artist Tags A Wall In Graffiti Simulator • Professionals Play

this is like doing graffiti on paper times a thousand if I got into graffiti using this videogame dude I would I would be way ahead of my time sup everyone Amira Preciado and I am a professional graffiti artist every day being a graffiti artist and going to work is really just pushing the boundaries we wake up I go into my studio start drafting start designing I start brainstorming and what a lot of it is for me is branch strategizing and just trying to build more work that could just reach a wider audience I haven’t played video games do since I was like 12 years old and this will be my first time ever trying VR very few times so I actually get to do raw graffiti and this time I get to do it VR style so I don’t I just wanted to raw graffiti and have fun pretty much what I’m seeing right now is the color palette so I like to start with a nice grey and let me look at the tips they got so they got pink dot which is a real nice fat cap this section one my favorite fat cats that’s pretty lucky fat cat what that does is it’ll give that the paint a wider spray so for covering big areas real fast this is really good this is a thin cat I’ll use this tip when I’m outlining my piece to get nice clean thin lines I’m going to start out with my favorite in New York fat cat this is my all-time favorite cab it hurts my hands after a while but this cap is good for just getting started it has a nice hard edge around the spray so it gives you like nice solid lines I’m going to you I wish can is there like a setting I can make myself taller they should totally put that in the game so there’s my Chi let me do this is so tight you be quite honest with you this is pretty spot-on dude like I’m not even gonna fret with these like I feel like I’m actually painting as far as like spray paint reality and virtual reality I’ll give this a 10 out of 10 I’m pretty much mapping out my ledges and blocking up big areas and just laying paint onto the wall get the structure of my piece going yeah I could see myself using this game like at home to get like a real do like practice around like a test run now people could experience the thrills and adrenaline of doing street art without having to risk do it like risk the actual consequences of doing this [Music] it’s fine-toothed is actually being on this time restraint kind of feels like reality like when you’re hitting like an illegal yard because any moment you could be ran out by cops the pressure I’m getting from doing this is the real pressure I feel like I get when I’m paying [Music] this is the outlining part this is personally my favorite part of doing Graff because even though we’re still in like the beginning stages this is the part that’s gonna bring your piece to life [Music] well what I love about this too is like so in reality you we’re always limited on paint it’s always like dude I only brought one black so I have to like really spend it wisely oh you even flare in here do that’s so sick I just do that on accident so flaring is when you hold the can towards the wall at a certain angle and it’ll go from like real thick like how its set and it’s like real thin that’s so cool that the game actually did that [Music] I think they should definitely create a like a future where it was super sick where if he could grab crates and then stack them up to make yourself taller that’s what we do in real life to try on some color into this I’m adding color to my 3d to make it pop and just give it more of that effect like it’s actually coming at you and just like defining the areas of what’s the piece and what’s sort of like the background or like the dimension see this is like doing graffiti on paper times a thousand if I got into graffiti using this video game dude I would I would be way like ahead of my head of my time so now I’m gonna add my glares which pretty much will be opposite of my dimensions to make it look like that my piece was like moving through space [Music] so now I’m gonna do core shadows so how I have my highlight in the piece I’ll add a couple core shadows which is like pretty much the opposite here this is so much fun it really is every graffiti writer every artist has like their own personal signature thing that they do for me that’s these things called space rib and it makes it look like there’s like a galaxy behind my piece [Music] [Music] [Music] it’s crazy man I feel like I’m actually painting as far as like my physical body wise like I’m sweating as if I was actually in a tunnel right now and like my arm is getting tired as if I have been holding a you know 3 3 pound can [Music] [Music] I’m just gonna add my signature [Music] do I think it came out really good I think it came out sick it’s pretty realistic it’s actually really realistic so yeah I think you cannot really cool I think this game is like spot-on I think this game is 100% like a hit the reality of it the VR like real-life painting was pretty on point I think they did a really good job [Music] [Music]


I love it when graffiti artist tag the railroad trains I just sit there and look at them lol I once saw an entire train car based off of super Mario bros awesome job man 😀

After spending so much time spraying graffiti in VR myself it's really cool to hear how realistic it apparently is. Great vid.

Professionals: i haven't played video games since i was (young age)

Me, still playing Minecraft at 21: now i know why im like this

I know I might be a little bit late to comment but what if he was checking behind him every time just to see if the police were around

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