Genius Christmas-Turned-Valentine’s Day Decor Trick Is Truly Breathtaking

– So my next guest lives in probably the most decorated house in Dallas, Texas. Maybe all of Texas. I love this. She recently made headlines for perfecting one of the
latest Instagram trends. Redecorating your Christmas
tree for other holidays. The pictures speak for
themselves. (Audience wooing) I mean, it looks like Candy Land has come alive in a house. It’s my favorite thing. Here to tell us more is
decorating influencer, Jennifer Houghton. Give it up for her guys! (audience applauding) So, your Valentine’s Day tree went viral. So how long have you been doing this? – [Jennifer] You’re gonna laugh. So I’ve been decorating
like this for about probably 20 years. But I started the Valentine’s tree after Christmas about four years ago. I was really tired. And I looked at that tree and I thought, I’m too tired to take this thing down. – Oh, God! That’s so me. That’s so me.
– I know, I know! And I was like, couldn’t I
just like, transition that into Valentines. And so I left the 1,500 lights, took off about 200 of the ornaments, replaced them with
about 200 more ornaments that were Valentine, – Yeah and the Valentine Tree was
born, at least in my family. – [Kelly] That’s amazing! My kids would love this, cause they get so excited. We have toddlers, and
we have other kids too, I just mean our two
toddlers love the tree, they love the decoration,
and it is so fun. So we’re gonna take a
tour of Jennifer’s house can you kind of walk us through it? – Yes! Absolutely! – [Kelly] Okay, go! (audience laughs) – [Jennifer] Okay this is
Cupid’s cottage, it actually was a life size gingerbread house that we did, changed it to cupids. This is the kitchen, I love to go all out but
then leave enough space to do like my cinnamon rolls. This is the family room, that’s the big tree that
I was talking about. This switches from
Christmas to Valentine’s. And then of course that’s your traditional Valentine love-feeling in the home. – [Kelly] I mean it’s like (Audience cheering and clapping) it’s so cool! (Clapping) Like I would’ve never thought
to do anything like that but especially with kids, they love that time of the year, and it’s a shame you usually do it once a year,
like Easter would be fun. Like all of these other holidays – [Jennifer] Well I think
that Cupid’s cottage may turn into Peter Rabbit’s burrow. – [Kelly] Oh my Gosh. Have y’all ever seen anything like this,
like a house like this? – [Female] This is my dream, honestly, I love Christmas – [Jennifer] Well come visit me any time! – [Female] Yeah, I would love to. – [Kelly] I’m just saying! You’re beauty like you love everything
beauty, I’m like making your house like something so magical. – [Female] Yes, and Christmas,
we’re like the Griswolds it is like – [Kelly] Oh my gosh! – [Female] Mrs. Claus,
you know what I mean, and like love it. – [Male] Aren’t you worried
about the tree burning down or anything like
that is burning up there? (audience laughs) – [Kelly] You’re such a man! – [Female] But to take it
to Valentine’s Day that’s genius! And Easter, and all the things. – [Kelly] Yeah! – Like why not, more is more. – [Kelly] Anyway, I think
that you are so magical and this is so inspiring
for all, and for well to be a better mom. (laughs) I can do it!


Kelly inspired me to be more confident and I feel like, the second I saw her ( in a vid.) I felt like a whole new girl🥺❤️. I recently turned fourteen and I want to grow up like her and be in the music industry!😌 💘

Beautiful❤️. For years, I've done my Valentines shopping at the after Christmas sales because there's so many red colored items to choose from.

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