I was waiting LOL

I’m so into the quality, sound, editing, STYLE & the fact that you take the time to use proper punctuation and grammar LOL!! 👏🏾👏🏾

A well organized garage is so bomb.
It’s usually the place where all the “overflow “ goes.
I have the metal shelve unit. Very sturdy.
Great setup.

13 minutes ?! AHT AHT 😫

No wait hold up I actually like how it’s sped up a bit with you explaining it .. almost like a tv show 😂 I’m getting a lot of content in a small amount of time .. nvm

This is actually so motivational becuse my garage is looking crazy right now. We just bought a storage unit that needs to be built but been procrastinating. Thanks for the motivation raven !!! Can’t wait to start on it lol

I’d probably be a hoarder if I had a bigger house. I’d be an organized hoarder though…if that’s a thing.😂

Raven, I genuinely don’t think you’re a hoarder! At least, in comparison to my mom who is truly in every sense of the word a hoarder. Really, you just seem to have some holiday decor and Ziya’s bigger toys in your garage. With that said though, love how helpful and supportive your parents are! Much love ❤️

Did you film this with the camera you bought like a month ago? It’s a camera I’m thinking of purchasing, and the quality in your talking parts looks really nice ☺️💕

The QUALITY! Raven, this really looks like it should've been on TV ❤️🔥 (idk why but at the start when you said 'it's me', my mind went 'a bad bitch')

2 car garage or 3? I am a taurus but I hate clutter! I start messing things up and getting discombobulated if things are not in place! Lol. Nice! My significant other is a virgo and….our garage ain't nothin like this….he missin the vir in virgo or something lol.

Coming from another single mom who films and edits on my very small YouTube channel. I appreciated the time quality sound and editing of this video!! We see you girl! And your organizational visions and style are one of a kind!! Loved this! ♥️👏🏽👏🏽

i like how real your mom is she actually reminds me a lot like my mom this video was refreshing love you guys truly praying for you also

So proud of you young lady!!!!!! The Raven Evolutions are amazing and have been so refreshing to see!!!!! I know you use a cleaning service but I think a few videos of you cleaning would be Bomb!!!!!💣💣💣

Nice! Love a minimal, organized space. P.S, seeing your parents working together is so sweet and heartwarming ❤️

I love your parents! I think it’s great that you not only show the glamorous go getter side of life but you also show the importance of a healthy family life. Sometimes it seems like you can only have one or the other. Congrats for being a role model to your viewers.

The struggle is real with those Texas crickets. I just built a home as well and I have so many crickets in my garage even after having it sprayed. Smh!

The white squared shelves you tossed out would’ve been good for the small tools. Some storage inserts could’ve gone in there. But anyways, looks great!

Can you do a weekly cleaning schedule for busy moms? You're such an inspiration! My daughter and I watch your videos together all the time 😊

Literally every time I watch one of ravens organizational videos I always look into my closet open up a drawer and realize… Girl you’re not raven LOL but, there is potential.

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