Gadgets and Home Decor from AliExpress | Test and review

Since the last video has been quite popular,
here is a new one with the product reviews. Today we are looking at the home decor gadgets
and related items that I have around the house that have been bought on AliExpress. All affiliate product links are in the video
description. Here is a smart LED strip by Xiaomi. It’s main feature is the fact that you can
control it remotely through the app. There are a few different lighting presets,
like sunrise, sunset, home, romance, date night, flash notify and candle flicker. You can change the colors, choosing from either
shades of white, or any other RGB color. There is a schedule option, where it turns
on and off at a certain time. The setting is saved, and you don’t need
to have the light connected to your phone at all times. The biggest problem I’ve had with it is
the annoying LED indicator, which apparently can be turned off. To control it through the app you need to
control it to your wifi, but the more privacy-conscious individuals can also control the light using
just the controller. The next item is a smart bulb from Mipow. It comes with the standard bulb plug, but
since the geniuses who built my house have decided to use some weird light plugs instead,
the only place I could put it is above the stove. The light can also be controlled through the
app. Unlike the yeelight strip, this one does not
require you to create an account. There is the same roster of colors to pick
from, and also a few different effects. My favourite one is the rainbow fade as it
is the most low-key and relaxing one. Here we have another smart light by Mipow,
this one is a portable one that I have next to my bed. Just like your girlfriend or boyfriend it
can be turned on by a gentle spank. There are 3 different modes, one color, blinking
switching and slow fade. Since it’s controlled by the same app as
the previous bulb, I won’t waste time on showing how it works. This light is charged by this little dock,
it has an additional Micro-USB output that can be used to power the dock, and the USB
can be used to charge another light or your smartphone. The next item is a door shoe rack. Super handy stuff. I live in a smaller apartment, and I have
a lot of shoes that take a lot of space. This rack was a true space efficiency blessing. It is compatible with all the doors I have
in my house. It comes disassembled and doesn’t take lot
of time or an engineering degree to put together. Here we have a bathroom rug that resembles
a homeless dog. No offence to homeless dogs, but I’m not
really a fan of how it looks. It’s pretty soft and nice to stand on, and
it has held fine through time and my washing machine – I’ve had it for over a year now. Next we’ll look at my wall decor items. These are artificial plant boxes. Please excuse the shaky footage. The way they are placed makes it a bit difficult
to film. I have to say that I enjoy how they look. I like succulents, but I am not home every
day and I can’t take the best care of them, so artificial ones seemed like the best option. I also have tin plate with a motorcycle because
I love bikes, and a poster with my favourite movie, V For Vendetta. There is a ton of different posters sold on
Ali, and I will link the most reputable store that I know in the description. This is an acrylic LED light with a 3D effect
from the first video that I have ever uploaded on this channel. This light is made of thin plastic. There are a lot of different kinds available,
and as far as I know they are all cross-compatible between each other. The light can be turned on and off, and the
brightness can be adjusted with the same button. Below the TV I have the crystals from the
$100 crystal unboxing frenzy. I honestly don’t know if they are all real,
but I like how they look and I couldn’t care less. The round sphere can be used to take artistic
pictures that you often see on different artistic Instagram accounts. Behind my bed I have a light mesh thing that
I have attached to the wall using push pins. There is just one color and a few different
settings, and you can switch between them using the control board. The size of the mesh is roughly 3 meters by
2. The next item is a Bluetooth-enabled kettle
by Xiaomi. I have to say that I was pretty disappointed
with it as I have not been able to connect it to the Xiaomi smart home app, and it was
not able to locate it. When I tried to connect to it, it has refused
my pairing request, I was not able to find any instructions on how to fix that, so I
have been using it as a regular dumb kettle. There is a non-Bluetooth version that costs
half the price, and if you fancy how it looks you can go with that one instead. This is a very popular moon desk light that
you can might have seen advertised on Instagram for 3 times the price. Apparently, this is the most basic option
that has bright white and warm white color options, and they also have ones with up to
16 colors, and also ones that you can control with the remote. To turn this one on it needs to be tapped
lightly on the plug area. These lights are made using 3D printers, so
if you own one of those you can easily find the project files and make one yourself. If you find these types of videos useful,
let me know, and I will make another part, because as you can imagine I have a lot of
other things around the house that I bought from Ali for, like, really cheap. Here is a playlist with other unboxings and
reviews, and another playlist with the cheapest items from AliExpress. Peace!


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Nice! I have taken interest in shopping on aliexpress. Its great to have some recommendations and real-time reviews 👌😊

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