“Frozen” Olaf ⛄ the Snowman — Makeup & Face Painting Tutorial — Christmas Design

[Music] hi guys this is Olga welcome back on my YouTube channel today I’m gonna show you how to paint all of the snowman from the frozen movie and the first time I’m gonna start with is I’m sponging light blue paint on the chick temple and the chain I’m using a medium-sized still the brush to build up the shape of the head and the body [Music] painting a large orange dot for the nose use the number to run brush a metallic blood to paint the eyes and the smile and don’t forget to leave a gap put a teeth [Music] I’m making a rough outline in the places where I want to place the shade and I’m gonna blend this out a little bit later so I’m not doing that there precisely [Music] I’m using a number three run brush and espresso for painting the arms and don’t forget that olive has branches and set up arms so make those clients a little bit Wiggly using the same brush I’m adding the details in black [Music] [Music] it’s time for blending I’m using dry brush technique and I’m taking a small blending brush motorizing that on a wet wipe and that moisture is absolutely enough to blend out all the outside there previously made [Music] there are so many ways of embellishing a design I personally love swirls and curls and if you want to do the same make sure that they all connect and one focal point which is placed now in the center of the cheek [Music] last but not least adding some sparkles to design all done i hope you enjoyed please like subscribe in command if you have any questions or concerns please feel free to contact me and see you soon in my videos bye bye [Music]

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