French Mansion Dream Home for Sale 430 E Ninth St Hinsdale IL

Homes for Sale in Hinsdale IL 430 E Ninth
St Hinsdale Mansion This is La Maison Legrand. We’re here at 430
East 9th Street and this home is for sale right now. You too can own a piece of French
History with all of the New World amenities. This 9,600 square foot, 5 bedroom, 8 bathroom,
8 fireplace home is on of a kind. This handcrafted ceiling bracket is a prime example of the
meticulous attention to detail that is found throughout the entire Hinsdale home.
And what better place to start than in the kitchen. From the antique terra cotta floors,
to the handcrafted walnut countertops, furniture grade cabinets and commercial appliances that
would make any grommet chef jealous. Hold on a second, I gotta show you this! This
kitchen has an exposed wood plank and joist ceiling made from reclaimed lumber to give
it that Old World loft feel. Behold, the master suite… And what better marriage therapy than custom
his and hers vanities and walk-in closets? But ladies, here is your dream closet.
Wait, you’re still here. Maybe I’ve got your attention? Come on there is more to see of
this home for sale in Hinsdale! Hey, care to join me in the theater room?
Thank you for joining us on this video tour. But if you’d like a personal showing, please
contact Chris Crawford at Sotheby’s International Realty.

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At first glance I thought this was going to be le cream de la cream, but I had to stop watching this video when not once but twice you scanned by the radius stairway with one of the grossest details I’ve ever seen on a mini mansion. That mitered double riser gooseneck on the main floor landing is bar none one of the top five unskilled solutions to handrail joinery, much less that’s not a very difficult solution! As an interior trim carpenter and cabinet maker, I’m embarrassed if this is the quality that I’m to achieve

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