First Comes Love, Then Comes a Wildly Colorful Mosaic Home

(waves crashing) (upbeat music) – Welcome to the Mosaic Tile House in Venice, California. (whimsical music) We’ve been working on the house 21 years. We bought it in 1994. We got the house to
build a huge art studio. And while we were waiting for the plans, we started fiddling around with a very, very ugly house. We discovered that if we broke up tile that I had made, it looked a lot better. Gonzalo and I, we weren’t
really living together in the sense that he
was a part of the studio and the house. So I hired him to help build the studio, so then I started kissing him. And then it just took off from there. (whimsical music) Gonzalo goes off into
all these directions, he builds our cabinets,
he builds our beds, he builds everything for the house. He just is a one man wonder. (whimsical music) When we first got the house, the kitchen was really a mess. So, we took out a wall, I had him do a Mexican kitchen with rounded edges. Gonzalo got busy, and made some very three
dimensional pieces. (whimsical music) The tiles that I make for the house, many of them are made out of clay, which I roll out the clay flat, cut out with cookie cutters, and then emboss with different stamps. (whimsical music) The front yard has had
many reincarnations. The most recent one is
though, I asked him, to make it so that when kids were on the porch area, they could fantasize all kinds of worlds, and that they could run through it, and just have fun with it. And its just wonderful. In the front fence, you’ll also find, hundreds of tools that
are all over the house. So when I go to use a tool in my studio, I often realize that he has taken it, and put it onto the house. (chuckles) It’s really the truth. (whimsical music) Our place has become a tourist attraction. The people that come
from all over the world, is an incredible gift
to both Gonzalo and I. It has made us feel
like doing more for them in terms of what we can do, which is the artwork. So, thank you for coming to our living, breathing work of art. (whimsical music)


I love colors & creating art so this looks so fun & lively. I also like the love story. His studio is the workshop & he's an artist too. What joy!

it's amazing and fun and imaginary but not to be rude I would get lost I can't see when my eyes r trying to make out what is in front or behind or even on my side of me and to be honest I didn't know what I was seeing but it was cool may have me a headache but it's amazing how u can do that I'm proud of that and u 😊

That´s great, but if i´d look at this for more than 5 minutes, my brain would break by overfloating of all that colours and shapes XD

I like the studio..all white.. But the house is very distracting, especially the kitchen, how do you find anything there…

You two are more talented than Picasso. I hope you’re paid and recognized accordingly. I loved everything but the snake 🐍.

Interesting and beautiful. To much visual stimulation for me to live in though. I would go nuts in a very short time.

It'll be another story if you lose your keys in that house. Very psychedelic but I think I'd start craving bland if I lived there.

My head is spinning even after I'm watching it on my phone. Can't imagine how would I feel when I shall look at the walls or cabinets in real😨😨…but you know, my artist mind says that it's FREAKIN AWESOME

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