Farba dekoracyjna Let’s shine Primacol Decorative – film instruktażowy

This movie is only for instructional purposes. The manufacturer recommends that before starting to perform each of the decorative effects presented, carefully read the description on the product packaging and perform the test on a small surface. Instructional video Let’s shine paint Let’s shine Primacol Decorative is a latex-based decorative paint with a satin touch Each paint container is supplied with a silver glitter packet Once mixed in, the glitter makes the decorated wall glisters in the light The obtained effect is very subtle and intensifies as the light source becomes more powerful The paint is intended for painting walls and ceilings indoors The paint is characterised by perfect covering power and very good washability Available in 32 colour versions Products necessary to perform the effect Let’s shine Primacol Decorative Paint Tools necessary to perform the effect Painting roll The base for painting should be: stable, dry, smooth, free from dust, paints and adhesives Remove any loose elements, and compensate any losses In the case of absorbent substrates, it is recommended to prime them with Primacol Professional priming emulsion or priming paint Implementation of the effect Open a container with Let’s shine Primacol Decorative and mix the contents thoroughly Next, add the contents of the glitter packet attached to the paint Mix thoroughly again and try to distribute the glitter uniformly Do it manually as an electric mixer might damage the glitter Attention! Painting should be planned in such a way that the prepared paint can be used within 24 hours. Otherwise, the glitter effect may be less visible Start painting at corners and hard to reach spots. Then, go to larger areas. Use a microfibre painting roller with short hair While painting, keep moving from the natural light source into the room Apply the paint on the roller generously and distribute it with vertical movements Guide the roller along the V-letter path to ensure uniform surface coverage Remember to not paint with a dry roller, break away only at the bottom or top of the wall, not in the middle and mix the paint in the packaging from time to time Join subsequent sections being painted “wet on wet” While covering one surface, try not to take breaks or corrections after the paint has dried If necessary, apply another layer but wait 3 to 4 hours after the first layer The final decorative effect will be obtained after 12 hours The film uses Let’s shine Primacol Decorative Paint in “Las Vegas” colour Examples of other colour versions Los Angeles Chicago Hong Kong Hollywood Monaco New York Macau Tokyo Miami


A co muszę zaaplikować na ścianę,na której jest już stara farba lateksowa? Farba gruntująca czy od razu można dać Primacol (na zasadzie lateks na lateks??)??

Fajnie to wygląda na filmiku szkoda że malując Las Vegas niemogę uzyskać idealnego efektu tylko zostają ślady po wałku gdzie jest więcej brokatu lub mniej

Jest w filmie mały błąd. Chyba że zmieniła się nazwa kolorów. Las Vegas to czarny kolor a efekt naprawdę bardzo ładny. Dziś malowane. Wcześniej malowałem jasny szary pod nazwą Shanghai, ale brokat mniej widoczny. Ogólnie efekt tip top.

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