[Eng sub] 5min Easy Watercolor | Tree Painting tutorial

First, let’s draw the silhouette of the tree. In this example, we will be drawing a broadleaf tree, like the Zelkova. The sun light hits the tree directly at the top. Starts to become weaker in the middle. And the bottom is where the sunlight hits least, where the shaded area of the tree will be. This change in lightness will give the tree a three-dimensional appearance. Once you make a bright warm green color, dry-brush the leaves by laying the brush against the paper . Next, fan out the brush tip and jab. By doing this, you can express the leaves in a different way. Interesting isn’t it? Next, make the color for the weaker sunlight and paint over the bottom-left area. Like so. Gradually giving it a three-dimensional appearance. By mixing viridian and Prussian blue with a touch of crimson, you get a dark green color. Keeping in mind the sun’s direction, paint the bottom area of the tree. Paint over the area around here. Now, one more step. Fan out the brush and paint the shaded area of the bundle of leaves sticking out, emphasizing the area. This gives the tree it’s fullness. Let’s paint the trunk and branches by mixing amber into the green we just used. Find the center of gravity of the tree and draw the trunk. Partly through the trunk, separate a branch and again branch out. Repeat on the left-side. Follow this branch and around this area, branch out again. Another branch here. Follow the trunk area up as well and create some branches. Take off some of the paint from the trunk, giving it a natural sun-lit look. With a dark cool color, paint the shadow on the trunk and branches. Like this. Giving them a cylindrical from. Until around here, the shadows are from the leaves. With a dry brush, add a bit more of the scattered leaves and we’re finished. Today, I showed you how to paint the basic form of a tree. The key point was to not stress over each leaf. It was also important to capture the big picture to determine the sunny and shadow areas. Hope you enjoyed! You’re welcome to try it out. Until next time.Happy painting! Subscribe to my channel!


This was an amazing video to watch, thank you so much for igniting my love for watercolor and art

Thank you so much :> you have a heart of gold and a great mind :>
Thank you for making our lives so much more whole :>

Fantastic! Thank you, just what I needed to see. I’ll practice! I’m currently working on a painting and so far so good, but….I have to do a big tree, and I’ve been afraid to do it. But I have a guide now. Thanks!!!

It’s so crazy to watch him as he paints it and I think “oh I wonder how he’s going to fix/adjust that” and then he said “there it’s finished” and I was like “wait really?!” Then to see the finished project, so amazing and beautiful. It goes to show that you really have to see the big picture and not stress over every brush stroke. Basically exactly what he said in the video lol

What a wonderful man. It feels like he’s picked up the torch Bob Ross left behind, but no doubt he’s blazing his own trail with it.

I did this tutorial as my first attempt at watercolour. While it didn't turn out spectacular, it wasn't bad for a first try. Thank you for posting these tutorials!

1.2k people nearly went to the boiler room of hell but Shibasaki-sensei understood that people have their own opinions and saved them.

I need to know what type of paint brushes you were using! Thank you so very much for making this video!

Wow! Thanks so much! This is the second video I have watched, Mr. Shibasaki. As a beginning watercolor painter, appreciate your teaching! I never would have thought to "jab" my paintbrush! Thanks again!

Dang, the thumbnail was messing with my eyes dude. Had no clue if it was watercolor or not. Btw your tutorial was AMAZINGGGG

歳をとったら一緒に暮らして絵を一緒に描きたい‪(*ˊᵕˋ* )ほのぼの


This was so cool! I had my jaw on the floor most of the time, the moving from light to dark colors so you don't have to watch the brush, the very helpful diagram of shading in pencil, how the branches were added in around the leaves, it was so cool! Watercoloring has always seemed too hard and intimidating but now I think I'll try out some watercolors after my finals! Thank you for sharing this!

Not a word which i understand..but such beautiful tree..nd what a great teacher. Learning knows no boundaries. Thank you for your lovely lessons. U r simply great!!

Your watercolor is the best
Always I will cheer you up
Today's wonderful picture
I looked at the basics of the forest picture

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