[ENG/이서진의 뉴욕뉴욕 FULL ver] 30년 만에 NYU 방문! 대학 시절 락덕후 서지니 추억 소환기 | 금요일 금요일 밤에 Friday Joy Package EP.3

(LSJ WARNING) (In this feature,
there’s no time for) (pretty views of New York) (There’s no time for a map) (Naver and Google
will tell you everything) (That’s how we found places) Do you know where it is? – Huh?
– Do you know where it is? Is it New York? It’s somewhere in New York. How would I know? Where this is? What? (Episode 3 / Reply 1989) The school became fancy. Are we going to school? I’m just asking. (3 weeks later) What did you say you were?
Business? What is your major? It’s a business school, not just a major. (Oh, NYU man) I’m thinking of taking the subway. Why? You said you took it. I did in the past, but
I don’t know how to take it now. How do they
use the subway these days? Do they use tokens? Do we have to buy a metro card? I used to buy tokens. No? (New York subway tokens
stopped in 2003) The world changes too fast, right?
It’s hard to keep up, isn’t it? I haven’t taken the subway
after the token system. It’s my first time
after graduation. I was so reluctant to go
even when I was a student. Why do I have to go there now? There is a lot of sightseeing
around the university. We can see their cultures. I want you to introduce us. Also, I wonder if you really
went to NYU. Where is NYU located? It’s close to here. It’s 40th street. That’s 39th. NYU is on 4th street. – 44th?
– Just 4th. It’s close. It’s Time Square station. It appears to be on 42nd street. (He’s going to take the subway
after 20 years) (As soon as he went down) (Spotting the metro card
vending machine) (He hesitated a bit) (Touching bravely) (Metrocard / Single-ride /
Valid for 2 hours) Buy for all? (New Yorker’s tip) (At the subway station,
you can choose from) (a single-ride or
a metro card for multiple use) (Short of cash for the machine/
Use a credit card) (The fare doesn’t differ with
the distance, 3 dollars each time) (Old New Yorker can buy it easily) Isn’t this right? (It’s nothing) Is this a New York map?
Where are we now? Here we are. – We’re on 40th street.
– 40th street. It’s written here.
NYU on 8th street. This is SoHo. Going down from NYU, here is SoHo. SoHo, Chinatown, Little Italy. For a first-timer in New York, what would you recommend? I don’t know about this area. This is a new town. Even I’ve heard of
Greenwich Village. It’s an old town. This is an area for artists. Okay. Let’s go to NYU
that holds your memories. Let’s use the subway
you haven’t used in a long time. How do I do this? Do I have to slide it? (Sliding a single-ride ticket) (The name of the lines) (New Yorker’s tip /
Unlike the subway in Korea) (different lines
come in the same platform here) What do we have to take? Was it R? W or R? Do you have any places
that holds memories at NYU? Or any places you want to visit? No. It’s not like I want to forget it,
but I don’t even remember. Has it been 25 years? I don’t go there for a long time,
so of course, I’d forget it. There it is. Can’t we take W? (W line subway goes to NYU) (Congratulations /
First boarding after 20 years) About 5 stops? It’s walking distance. But we have to walk a lot there. – In NYU?
– It’s in the city, there’s not a campus. The buildings are all separated. Oh, like a school building stands
next to some shop? Here’s Washington Square Park. The buildings are around it. There stands something
like Dongnimmun Gate. That’s the square. The mood will be nice
with the park in the middle. But the park is used for selling drugs. – In the past.
– It was in the past. Seojin’s stories are
all from old memories. So I was told not to go
to the park at night. NYU from Seojin’s memories. Oh, is this the place? Here it is. Oh, here. This place would remind you
of old memories. Why do you keep saying that? It’s been a long time. (It’s been a long time,
so I’m excited to get off) It’s better to go to Waverly. (Passing the noisy turnstile) I can see the school flag
as soon as I came out. Is that the school flag? The purple torch. The school really
is mingled in the city. The mood here is quite different
from the one in Time Square. It’s quieter. (Turning right without a warning) – Where are you going?
– This is the school. It’s a construction site. There are the school flags. Oh, the ones with the flag… They are the school buildings. Starbucks didn’t exist
when I went to NYU. (The franchise cafe stands there) Oh, this became
a Japanese restaurant. What did it use to be? I used to eat hamburgers and pizzas here. I remember this place. Oh, really? (Somethings haven’t changed
for 30 years) This is the main building. There’s New York University
written on it. There it is written. Art and Science. This is
the undergraduate building. It says the College of
Arts and Science. Is there where you went? I took liberal arts here. Then, you’d have used
this building. This is used mostly
for the first 2 years. The park in the middle
is what you said before. Washington Square Park. It looks fine during the day. It must be different
from the past. In your memories,
that’s a very dark place. Now it seems very clean. There stands something like
Dongnimmun Gate. There is something. (Washington Square Arch) (To celebrate 100th anniversary of
George Washington’s presidency,) (the marble structure was build
in 1889) It became very clean.
It was messy back then. – Oh, in the past?
– It was dangerous at night. That must be a school map. The buildings are apart. I heard this is a famous building. I don’t know
why the library is famous. (NYU’s another landmark /
Bobst Library) We’re not allowed to get in
without student IDs. I think it’s used together
with Parsons. – Parsons?
– Yes. It was in the past. While I’m here at a university, I can see the mood of the locals, which is different
from the tourist attractions. You think that now, but Boston is more of this. There are a lot of universities
in Boston. The atmosphere is like ‘The Paper Chase’ in the past. – Something like that.
– The old drama. The young viewers wouldn’t
have a clue what it is. It’s okay not to know. There’s ‘Love Story’. It’s a story about
Harvard students. Oh? Isn’t it the French movie
with Sophie Marceau in it? (Sophie Marceau is not
in Love Story) That’s ‘La Boum’. Is it? Isn’t that the one
where people lie down on snow? That’s Harvard. Going to Harvard law school,
becoming a lawyer. We’re heading toward SoHo. Tell us about SoHo shortly. In SoHo,
there are a lot of galleries. Isn’t it SoHo in ‘Ghost’? Huh? (The lead characters’
matrimonial home is in SoHo) (Right answer) – Nine and a Half Weeks?
– Yes. The gallery where Kim Basinger
works in the movie is in SoHo. Spring Street Gallery. They met in Chinatown
for the first time and met in the flea market
next time. So they hug
with a scarf they bought. You start talking
about movies again. That’s the easiest to understand
with movies. It’s nice to go to New York
in the fall. There’s a movie. There’s the movie
‘Autumn in New York’ for reasons. You know ‘Kramer Vs. Kramer’? Dustin Hoffman and Meryl Streep
are in it. Have you seen the movie,
‘Wall Street’? Michael Douglas and Charlie Sheen. Didn’t Michael Douglas win
the academy award for that? (Correct) What was the movie
with Richard Gere? It’s ‘Unfaithful’. He’s the husband of Diane Lane,
but he’s having an affair in it. In American Gangster, Denzel Washington is probably
in a gang in the Bronx. There’s a movie called
‘Money Train’. It’s a story about a serial killer
in New York. He suddenly pours gasoline here
and set a fire to kill people. You like those kinds of movies,
right? They are the movies
with backgrounds of New York. They have New York backgrounds. There are a lot of movies,
with a New York background. Backgrounds of the movies
are New York, which is why the city is famous. How much were you impressed to remember all of those movies? Oh, there are a lot of shops here. This street looks nice. They’re the restaurants
around the school. I like that it’s not so crowded. It feels like just a street
in New York from the movies. – Right. These places are cool.
– Oh, records. You like them. We used to come to
these places a lot. I like those T-shirts. Wow. (He’s going into the shop
possessed) I think this has been here
all along. (Going down as he’s dragged
by the old memories) It’s been 27 years. Since when, then? It was opened
before you graduated. – Around your junior year.
– In 1992? Yes, in your sophomore
or junior year. I think I’ve been here. (LPs filled the shop) This is nice. I can smell old LPs. (There are CDs on the other side) (A lot of Rock band T-shirts) You like these things. This shows the mood of the town. Dark music. I like it so much. There are tapes. Huh? (Fully focused) (Something caught
the rock geek’s eyes) (AC/DC’s 7th album) (It’s David Bowie now) (He can’t leave the metal section) (He stops while walking up) In my high school, – I heard this a lot.
– Who’s that? New Order. I’ve never heard of it. – Do you know this woman?
– I don’t know. It’s Blondie. – I don’t know.
– You don’t know Blondie? Iron Maiden. This is famous on T-shirts. I wore this a lot in the 80s. You’re the old generation. We’re the generation of Radiohead. (Radiohead / English rock band
made in 1985) (The representative song,
Paranoid Android, Creep) Nobody will hang out with you
if you talk about Iron Maiden. They still perform. (At his age, he like to play with
rock band figures) These are not being sold
these days. Oh, really. I want to buy this. What’s that? Iron Maiden’s mascot…
Was it Eddie? Buy one. I’ll pay. I’ll carry that. – This?
– Yes. (Old New Yorker New memory +1) (He’s going to another place
with light steps) It’s SoHo, now. Oh here? (Trendy, SoHo) (SoHo / Artists have lived here
since 1950) (A lot of galleries and
famous editing shops are here) – It’s close to NYU.
– It really is. There are a lot of unique shops. I think I’m walking here
after decades. There used to be
an Italian restaurant. I think there’s not anymore. There’s a place where
my dad and I ate wings. It was around here. (Sad) Wow, the shoe shop is still there. Varda? – Yes.
– Is it a famous shop? I used to buy shoes here. – At the university.
– Since your university year? – Gosh.
– It still stands. The shoes here are really nice. (Hand-made shoes) Wow, it’s really old. We can sit here. (Let’s take a break) I wanted to buy records earlier. But I bought you some dolls. Iron Maiden, the skull? (Thinking) There’s a bar around the school. Let’s find it. I don’t remember where. – I remember the name but…
– What’s the name? Googie’s bar. Googie’s? I don’t think it still stands. Shall I find it? Googie-apostrophe-s? Is it there? Wait. There are a lot of names
with Googie’s. – It still is.
– Where? Wow. We’ve walked down Sullivan Street. Yes, it’s the next block. It’s still there. How often did you use to go? Let’s go drink a beer there. There was a jukebox. I ordered a pitcher there. You know a quarter game? Put the cups like this
and if the coin gets inside, you have to drink one. – Like this?
– Yes, with a quarter. – 25 cents.
– Yes, 25 cents. What is it called now? Is it open? What time is it open? It’s closed now. It’s on Google maps. Shouldn’t it disappear
if it’s closed? (Sad) A different place is
at that address. It’s not Googie’s anymore? Yes, the name is Trionas? – It’s not.
– I want to go there, though. I think the sign only changed. (Throwing) (Lost his zest) Can’t we just go there
to check it out? – Where?
– The Googie’s place. It’s okay to go. This is the last destination of
today’s trip. We’re going to a different place
at that Is it there? Where are you going? It’s there. It’s 237 Sullivan Street. Do you think you remember it? (This is where
Googie’s used to be) – What do you think?
– It’s similar. – Is it?
– Yes. I’m not sure
the pool table was there. Let’s go in to drink a beer
from the old times. (Let’s go in) (Soft lighting and
the wide pool table) (It’s someone’s new memories) I think people would
watch sports at night. Hello. (Seojin looks around
thinking about his old memories) There’s no jukebox
but there’s a game machine. A lot of students came here. It’s right behind the library. Let’s drink a beer
since we came all the way. Isn’t it happy hour? It’s 4 p.m. It’s happy hour. (New Yorker’s tip / Not crowded
happy hour from 4 to 6) (gives discounts or
something for free) There are 3 steps to pour this. Making cream. Cover it on top. Wow. (Drinking it right away
not to spill it) I’ll drink beer for old time sake
with Lee Seojin. It’s changed but why do you keep
calling it old times? (He’s taking a sip
even while complaining) It’s not the same place where you use to go
but it’s still nice. There’s a clerk
painting on the glass. Isn’t she drawing Santa? Is she an art student?
She could be from Parsons. I think we’re shooting backward in New York. Isn’t that a thing these days? We’ve never gone to
a famous place. I don’t know one anyway. I don’t know a famous place. I think I’d feel good
if I come to this bar by accident. I liked it more with a jukebox. What did you listen to? There’s a song I remember. The Romantics. Old singers. The song, Talking in Your Sleep. (Talking in Your Sleep
/The Romantics) It’s really famous. It was in 1983. How old. I used to listen to that music quite often here. It was on the jukebox. – How much was it?
– 3 or 4 songs for 25 to 50 cents. Oh. I remember one more thing. There are a lot of tattoo places
over there. I wanted to do a tattoo so badly
back then. Something like
a heart with an arrow in it. You know? If you did it, how’d it be? I’d have removed it. I’d have used my butt. Today’s memory trip. From NYU to SoHo, and the last stop
was planned here. But there’s another plan. What do you think about a tattoo,
a heart with an arrow in it for our last plan for this trip? – Which side?
– What? On the left chest? It should be done here. – Oh, here?
– Sure. – It should be.
– Isn’t it too tacky? It should be here. It has to be red. If it’s black and white,
it’s not pretty. I had my eye pierced
when I went to Korea. My dad wasn’t talking to me
for 2 weeks. If I got a tattoo, I could’ve been kicked out. How was your hair back then? – It was long.
– I knew it. It was long like this. You were on the path to a rocker. I was into rock. You tell me that you want me. You tell me that you need me. Trying something like that could be a token of youth. You’re not too late. Let’s make a heart on your body. (No curse words) Pierce your ear. I’ll do that.
You make a heart on your forehead. I’m already pierced. If I get pierced, you should
get at least a tattoo. You pierce your ear first. On this side, there were a lot of silver stores. Silver and T-shirt shops. You know like band T-shirts. I went there to buy
earrings all the time. (New Yorker who liked rock music
and earrings in his 20s) (He doesn’t wear earrings anymore) (but still likes rocks) The paintings are good. I think she’s an art student. Awesome.
She painted it in an instant. They’re not here when we got here. There’s Blue Note. There was no waiting line,
but there’s a line now. There are a lot of bars around
the university like in Korea. The theater is still there. Eyes Wide Shut?
Isn’t it an old movie? Yes, it is. Look at that.
There are a heart and piercing. Oh, there is. That’s there again. Now we’re going to get a heart. (Walking fast
thinking about a heart) We’re going now. A heart belongs to the youth. When you get old,
the flesh gets flappy. You never know
what the heart turns into. (Going for the new memory)


서지니형이 말한 영화들 나도 한번씩은 다 봤는데 어쩜 저리도 세세히 기억하시는지..ㅎㅎ 이 둘 케미 진짜 너무좋아~ 90분짜리로 편성됐으면~ㅎ

ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ 소호가는길에 소매안에 손집어넣고 있는것도 너무 킬링포인트고.. 영화 제목 내용 술술 나오는거 보니까 배우는 배우구나.. 싶다

이거 아무리봐도 피디가 이서진이랑 뉴욕여행하고 싶어서 만든거 같은데 ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ 가장 사적인것이 가장 창조적인것이다!

근데 미국이나 유럽 이런곳은 우리나라 같이 건물에 덕지덕지 간판들이 안붙어 있는데 외국친구들은 어떻게 찾아 가나요??

짧은 클립 감질나요. 서지니 뉴욕편은 1시간짜리로 보고싶다. ㅜㅜ 아이언 메이든은 전설이쥥. 서지니횽 여윽시…락잘알

저는 금금밤 중 뉴욕뉴욕이 제일 좋아요. 깐깐하고 합리적이고 잘생긴 도시남같은 이면에있는 거칠고ㅋㅋㅋ 자유분방한 예술가적 영혼ㅋㅋㅋ그 괴리감이 매력있어요. 삼시세끼에서 자꾸 햇빛가리개로 쓰던 acdc 타올 쩌거 누구취향이여 이랬더니 서진옹꺼일줄이야…

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