ENG) 겨울맞이 집 구조 바꾸기, 최근에 구매한 소품들 하울 Winter Home Makeover, Home Decor Haul

(Please understand that there may be many
incorrect English subtitles😭🙏) I’m going to change the structure of my house for the winter. It was a little cold because there was a bed in front of the window. So, I’m going to change the position of the bed and table. First, I put the small things in order. Let’s clean it up in earnest. I made the bed nice to move. I cleaned the floor in advance. I moved the bed,
and there were formed space in the window. I thought about which way to put the shelf. Let’s move everything first and think about it. I don’t like this arrangement because is so straight. Let’s move it again. This is more weird..😅 I turned the shelf around again after all. I made enough room by putting the flowerpot
and the circular cabinet close together. I also took the postcards off the wall. The bed space looks like this. I’ll think of a way to cover
the stain on the wall beautifully. When lying on the bed, there is a kitchen on the head.
So I decided to cover it with curtains. It’s the same one that covered the bookcase. It’s a basic white curtain, so it’s good to use. I’ll change to another curtain when I get bored later. There are a total of two, but I’ll only use one. There are several ways to put the curtains. Curtain rings from IKEA, Daiso. I thought about how to put the curtains. I decided to put the curtains
in the third way of the manual because I wanted
all curtain rods to be covered. I put the curtain immediately into the curtain rods
without using the curtain ring. FAST FORWARD>>>Done! Curtain rods can adjust the length by turning it. It should be pulled out a little longer than
the length between the walls and fastened tightly. Put up the rods obliquely and insert it on the wall.
Then it will be firmly fixed. I like it because it separates the space. View from inside the room It’s easy to open and close. I think I need to mend the length of curtain. But I still haven’t fixed it because I’m lazy.. I removed frame and Eco bag and hung a new fabric poster. I hung a poster using pins and tongs. If you don’t want to see the tongs,
make a ring with white thread on the poster. New ASMR Item for winter I bought cushion cotton at ZARA HOME together. Feeling like touching Bichon Frise💛 This is a brand called NR CERAMICS
that I found on Instagram. It’s a beige vase that suits you everywhere. It’s really bright! I recently went to Yeonnam-dong and bought them. It would be a shame to open it
because it is beautifully packaged😭 But let’s open it relentlessly. It’s a cute wooden vase. I also brought the grass that was decorated in the vase. It looks like a green onion..? These are from a vintage shop ‘Milo’. Pear-shaped Candle I’ll leave this as an ornament, not a candle. I like the color and texture expression. I bought candles and plates as a set. It can be used as a pedestal like this. It’s fabric perfume-marais from Bercy Village. It smells like gardenia fruit and coconut,
and is a good scent for winter use. I bought candles together. I like musk, soap, and baby powder scent
and It was a scent to my taste. The package is also too pretty. When I bought the candle, he gave me this too. It’s used to turn off the candlelight
by pressing the wick like this. This method produces less smoke! I also bought a vintage apple paperweight. The color is so beautiful✨ 🍏so cute 🍏


Hi, I really liked this video, as you edit it on the mobile or on the computer with which app?✨✨✨🥰🥰😘😘😘

말 소리가 없는 글씨 바탕을 어두운 색을 깔고 글씨를 쓰면 읽는데 불편하지 않을 것 같아요. 글씨도
약간 크게 쓰면 더 좋겠구요. 읽는데 아주 불편하네요. 아이보리 침대 색에 흰 글씨를 넣으니 읽는데 피곤하네요. 참조하시면 좋을 것 같네요.~^^

벽에 예쁜포스터나 빈티지한 엽서같은거로 잘배치해서 가리면 예쁠것같아요 페브릭 포스터로 가리기엔 좀 낮은 위치인거 같아서..

와…..뷰가….. 저 정도 뷰면 대체 얼만거지….. 상상도 안간다…. 전 그냥 창문에 그림이나 붙여서 살게영…

촬영과 편집은 어떤 걸로 하시나요 ! 😉 오늘 처음 영상 접했는데, 영상미도 예쁘고 센스 취저에오,, 🏷😖

its so beautiful, i really love your room! i'll take some ideas for my own room, thanks for share it with us <3

I feel so peaceful when watching your video, I love the vibes of your video so much 🧡
Thanks for sharing your aesthetic life with us and may I ask can you add english subtitle into your videos? I really wanna know what you share in your vlog 😊

커튼 주름 펴는 법은 커튼을 잘빨아서 하룻밤 물기뺀다음 바로 걸어주시면 물이 증발하며 주름이 펴져요

침대 누울 때 머리가 화장실을 향하면 안 좋다고 우리 할머니한테 혼나서 난 침대 위치 옮겼는데…

승아님! 인테리어 너무 예뻐서 잘 보고 있어요 🙂
바뀐 집 구조도 너무 좋네요💕
혹시 의자 위에 있는,, 털뭉치 방석? 정보 얻을 수 있을까요?

서울인지 모르겠지만 유튜브에서 보니 한국 아파트는 햇빛이 많이 들어와서 그게 좋네요…

안녕하세요 승아님! 방 너무 포근하고 예뻐요ㅠㅠ 구독 좋아요 눌렀어욤 앞으로 자주 볼게요💛 혹시 무선 키보드는 어디 제품인지 알 수 있을까용?!

너무 이쁜데 수납공간은 어디있는지.. 솔직히 저렇게 꾸미고 살고 싶어도 수납해야될 옷가지나 물건들이 너무 많다ㅜ
잡다한 소품들…

하늘이 정말 예뻐요. 계속 보고있으면 마음이 너무 편해져요. 구독하고 갈게요! 건강한 겨울 보내세요 🙂

Olá sou Do Brasil 🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷 acabei de me inscrever no seu canal ,sonho um dia conhecer a Coreia 😘

수납장하고 밑에 라탄바구니까지 세트인가요?? 넘 예쁘네요 ㅠㅠㅠ 어디서 구매하셨는지 알려주실수 있나요?

우와 승아님 썸네일보고 창밖 뷰와 그 편안한 영상 분위기에 반해서 놀러왔오요! 딱 좋아하는 분위기라 바로 구독누르고 정주행 시작합니당><❤️

혹시 이불이랑 베게 파자마 어디서 구입하셨는지 알려주실 수 있으신가요 ㅠㅠ ?? 지금까지 둘러본 집 중에 가장 예뻐요 ㅠㅠ

우연히 보게 되었는데 영상 너무 힐링이에요~
혹시 카메라 뭐쓰시나요? 색감이 은은하고 너무 예쁘네요

월세 여쭤보고 싶은데 실례겠죠 어디서 정보를 얻어야할지 모르겠어요 혼자 살고 싶은데 정말…

집 너무 맘에 들어요…색감이나 집에 채광들어오는거 환상적…ㅠㅠ
이름이 저랑 똑같아서 구경하다가 구독했습니다 히히^^

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