*EMOTIONAL* | $800 Industrial Home Office Makeover

Hey guys, I’m Alexandra. Welcome to my series, Make My
Space Work, where I am helping entrepreneurs who are in
desperate need of a change. These are people who have started
their businesses from the ground up and who need an inspiring and
motivational space to work. So I am here to help. Today I’m making over
the office of Kyle Smith. He owns Gorman & Smith, which helps
make breweries from scratch, and I have a budget of $800 to completely
transform this little den. Hey Alexandra. My name’s Kyle and I own Gorman
Smith Beverage Equipment, and I help people build breweries. About a year and a half ago, I went
into work one day and there was a letter from a lawyer saying
that I no longer had a job. So I wanted to help mitigate the
damage as much as possible to the people I had been working with, and that’s why I started
up Gorman & Smith. It was frustrating and
anxiety-inducing at first and I was really uncertain if I
could actually pull it off. So I work from home and I’ve
converted my den into a makeshift office. The problem in this room is it has
very poor workflow, it’s really hard to keep things organized. It just needs a cleanup. The carpeting should probably
get removed…it’s ancient. Yeah, the walls need work. For the office I want a more
industrial vibe to match, match kind of the roots that I had
starting this business and bring a little bit more of the mentality of
the industry into, into the office space. Please help me make my
space work, Alexandra. I really resonated with Kyle’s
story about losing his job and starting his own business – that
exact thing actually happened to me. And I’m so excited to do this
makeover for him because making over his office is the last thing
on his to-do list, even though he kind of has a clear
vision of what he wants. He just needs help executing it. So I am doing a full on,
like, mini-reno to this room. We are taking up the carpet, we’re
painting the walls, and we are changing the light and
bringing in all new furniture. It’s going to be a miracle if I’m
able to stick to this $800 budget, I’m going to try really hard. Make sure you hit that subscribe
button so you never miss an episode. Let’s get started. Hey guys! So it is prep day and I have come
to Black Lab Brewing to get some decor and design inspiration. So this was actually the first
client that Kyle’s company Gorman & Smith ever took on,
which is really cool. And he said that the interior of
this brewery is really his, like, design inspiration. He loves this space and I really
want to bring elements of this space back into his home office. These, um, pipe legs on this
bench…I think they’re so cool. They’re very industrial feeling. I love how they juxtapose against,
like, the beautiful natural wood. So I definitely want to find an
element like this for Kyle’s space. I’m not sure what yet, but I’m
going to see if there’s any way I can bring, like, pipes into
his, into his home office. And I absolutely love these
pendant lights above the bar. I want to definitely bring this
inspiration into Kyle’s space for his overhead light. So the first thing I’m going to
do is transform these textured red walls. Guys, they’re literally textured. I always recommend going lighter
and brighter for a small space. It’s gonna make it feel bigger. So I just think going white and
sticking with a neutral color is just going to make this space feel
10 times bigger than it actually is. Now, Kyle actually has really nice
parquet floors underneath this old carpet, but I have a different plan
that is going to blow your mind. It’s going to blow your mind! You might think it’s a big task
to pull up your carpet, but it’s actually not. It might seem like a daunting task,
but the payoff is so worth it. There are so many different things
you could do to your floors. You could put peel and stick
tiles, vinyl tiles, click hardwood flooring, all of these things that
are going to add style to your space and make it look brand new
without dropping a ton of money. So excited. It’s reveal day. And what a difference already – the
walls are white, it feels so bright and airy in here. Like already it looks like
a completely different room. For the flooring I originally
wanted to go with click hardwood flooring, which is a great
renter-friendly solution. Those can get really pricey and
they’re pretty labor intensive. So a really fun alternative is
using vinyl “hardwood” flooring. I’m going to take my x acto knife
and trim guide, a very technical term, but you can use a ruler. And I’m going to just gently glide
the x acto knife across to create a straight line. We’re going to be adding trim to
this, um, so we have a little bit of leeway, but I need to get
it straight, let’s be real. Um, and we only have this floor so
if I screw it up, uh, Kyle doesn’t get a hardwood floor. Now that the floor is
down it looks amazing! The best part is that it doesn’t
take a lot of install time. The other great thing about this
floor is that it’s heavy enough that you don’t have to use
any adhesive to hold it down. So if you’re in a rental, this is
really great because you can roll it out and then just
take it up when you move. We are using a spray adhesive, um,
for the corners and the area near the door just to
make it extra secure. But look how easy this is. Kyle already had this
cabinet in his office. It was actually the only piece of
furniture he bought for his space, and it totally works with the rest
of the design that I have in mind. It’s black, it’s sleek. The one thing I’m going to do
though, is switch up the knobs, and this is such a great way to elevate
a cabinet, make it feel like new without spending a ton of money. I just got four leather hooks to
kind of tie into the brewery, like, rustic industrial feel. And just like that Kyle has a
brand new cabinet for under $30. So on this wall I’m
adding some open shelving. I love open shelving
for a few reasons. It’s great storage, so you
can tuck things away in boxes. Or you can put things on display
that you love and it becomes a decor piece that’s also functional. You can find faux barnwood at your
hardware store for usually under $10. I then went online and found
these really lovely pipe brackets. Looks so good! If you can believe it, this
custom-looking barnwood industrial-style
shelf cost under $20. I wanted to go with barnwood
because I really wanted to warm up this space somehow. This is a very industrial feeling
room and it can get really cold really quickly. The time has come. I’m so excited. I get to decorate these
open shelves for Kyle. Now I’m actually using some parts
that he sells in his store, so these are brewery parts. What are these? Breweries? This is what builds breweries. Now I’m putting these on display
and I’m making them decorative and I feel like this is a really fun
tip for your own shelf in your office. Put those things on display that
you actually use for work, and then suddenly they become decor. Now it is time to change this, dare
I say, awful light and replace it with one that more reflects
the style of this room. Now, lighting is so important and
such an easy way to bring a certain style into your space. And I always say that if there’s
one thing you do in your whole room, it’s change the
overhead lighting. The kind of light you’d find in a
restaurant or a factory – it’s very industrial and did not cost
me a lot of money at all. Now it’s time to bring in new
furniture…I’m so excited! This is my favorite part, I
get to decorate the whole room. The first thing I’m going
to do is bring in this desk. I chose a desk with a hardwood top
and pin legs, again to, like, go with that industrial feeling vibe. Kyle said he didn’t need anything
too large, so this is perfect. It fits right under the window. I knew I had to bring some sort
of color into this space, and I thought a good place to do
that would be the desk chair. So I got him a traditional feeling
office chair, but I found one in a velvet, like, forest green. So Kyle has tons of storage for
all of his books and binders in the black cabinet on that wall, but I
wanted to find him a solution for all the loose papers he had
strewn all over the floor. You can really make a decorative
focal point out of your filing cabinet. And it has tons of drawers, so
there’s no excuse for him to have any piece of paper on
the floor ever again. On top of it, I’m just
adding this desk lamp. It’s pretty large and in charge,
but Kyle needs lots of light in this space, and this is a great
accent piece that ties into the whole aesthetic of this room. When I walked into Kyle’s space
originally, I noticed that he had this awesome concrete and
metal planter in his kitchen. What was not so awesome about it
was that all the plants in it were dead. But I loved the piece so much and I
thought, why don’t we bring it into your office where
there’s way more light? There’s no windows in his kitchen,
so plants aren’t really gonna survive in that space. So I just brought this planter onto
the wall to add some greenery into his office. You can really never go wrong with
plants in an office space, and he has all the light in the world in
this room, and they look so cute up on this wall. We’re often told that art is an
important element of any space, and it absolutely is. I find that it adds, like, life
to a space, it brings in color. An inexpensive hack is to go
on a free photo stock site. This is where photographers put
their images up online and all you have to do is print them at home
and then get it framed, and you have a beautiful piece
of art like this one. Like this one! This office is finally coming together. I’m so happy with
how it’s turning out. Now it is time for the
final finishing touches. Even when I added all of these
finishing touches in, I still felt like something was missing. I just didn’t feel like the
room looked, like, full enough? A good tip is to just layer
things that you already have. So I found a couple art prints that
he had hanging up in his living room. I actually found a keg. It’s a keg, right? I found a keg that I just placed
as decor on the ground and suddenly this whole space just felt
better and it felt right. The time has come for me to find
out what I spent on this room. I’m really nervous because this was
a complete, like, reno basically. We took up the floor, we changed
the paint, we brought in all new furniture and really transformed
this space top to bottom. So can I have the final budget? And my budget was $800? I’m under!! Okay, that’s actually like the
biggest surprise of life, if I’m completely honest. We did so much to this
space for under $800. That’s amazing. Okay, so now it is
time to bring in Kyle. Come on in. Do not open them. Okay, you’re going
to stand right here. You remember what it looked like? Yep, terracotta velvet. On the count of three, I
want you to open your eyes. Okay? One, two. Three. Oh wow. What do you think? It’s, it’s so clean and it doesn’t
feel nearly as chaotic anymore. Yeah and it’s so open and airy. And it’s bright and I don’t have
to worry about how dark it is. Again, it feels, like, modern. Yeah. It’s no longer in the 1970s. All of your beer books are in here. Also, your dying herb
garden is no longer. Is now a succulent garden. Yay! You’re happy? Yeah. Okay, good. I was so nervous! Honestly, I am so happy
with Kyle’s reaction. The first seven seconds of the
reveal I was, like, he’s not saying anything, he’s not saying anything! And then he just turned to hug me
and it was like the nicest moment ever. And I’m so happy that he is happy
and I really feel like his vision has come to life and now he’s
motivated and inspired to carry out this style throughout
the rest of his home. Thank you guys so much for
watching this makeover. If you want to be a part of the
Make My Space Work series, the contact info is down
in the description box. I’d also love to know
what style you guys love. Is it industrial? Is it boho or modern? Let me know in the comments below. Bye.


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Truly lovely makeover! I love that there wasn't too much decor but it still looked finished not minimalist. My personal decor style is what I call serene hodgepodge!😝 Contemporary Asian, French & Scandinavian. In essence lighter colored wood or white painted furniture with a few darker carved/tropical pieces I've collected from my travels…

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