Embroidering Our Mantras for the New Year | Maker Knows Best S1E1

– [Isa] That’s me, Isa Beniston. – [Christie] And that’s
me, Christie Beniston. Isa’s doting mother. Together we’ve sewn and grown. – [Isa] Threaded and thrived. – [Christie] And turned our love of craft into our livelihoods. – [Isa] This is Maker Knows Best. – Hi welcome to the inaugural
episode of Maker Knows Best. – Today’s episode topic
is new year, new you. – Today we’re gonna make
and embroidered wall hanging that will help us set our
intentions for the year ahead. – Or just keep things kind of grounded as we take another trip around the sun. So with that said, let’s give
them the Beniston breakdown. (soft upbeat music) – [Christie] I’ll be
embroidering the word linger, setting an intention to slow
down and stay in the moment. Each letter will be embroidered
in a different style and color for a rainbow look. – Isa] For mine, I’ll rely on contrast, using a bright pink thread on
black fabric for my mantra, it’s gonna be O.K. So for my project, I’m
going to be using a bunch of fun materials, starting
with this oval embroidery hoop which you can find at mybluprint.com, some black fabric from one
of their quilting kits, these cute little embroidery scissors, some pinking shears for detail at the end, acrylic yarn I picked
up at an estate sale, a bigger tapestry style
embroidering needle because my thread is so thick and a pink cushion, ’cause it never hurts to have one of those. – And I’m going to be using
many of the same materials, including the oval embroidery hoop, the fabric from mybluprint.com, and these beautiful embroidery floss and my embroidery scissors as
well as my fabric scissors. Shall we get started? – Sure. – So what I first do
because I’m a designer, recovering graphic designer, I have to design my word. – True. – Exactly how it’s
going to be embroidered. There’s no loosey goosey here. I also outline exactly which
colors I’m going to use for each letter.
– You even color coated ’cause you–
– I give myself notes for each one. This is what it looks like
when you’re organized. (laughing) – And I have to cut a piece
of fabric that will fit. This is when you’re not organized,
you just eyeball things. – So I’m gonna turn on my light box. – I’m cutting mine down
later with the pinking shears so I’m gonna just do it. – And I was organized– – Here’s your scissors.
– And brought my scissors. – I know, I’m sorry. Thank you. – But you can borrow them. – Thanks mom. – You can also get scissors
from mybluprint.com and then you wouldn’t have to borrow mine. (laughing) Because I’m gonna be using this hoop, I wanna make sure I have
enough fabric around the outside so that it’ll fit on the hoop and it won’t be too tight. So I’m gonna use my water
based marker to write the word linger onto the fabric. – These are like actually because, when you make a mess, you
can just lick your finger and dab it, and it will
erase it immediately, which is disgusting but effective. – That’s a good tip Isa.
– I swear you taught me that. – Is that a Benis-Tip? – That’s a Benis-Tip. That would be an Isa Benis-Tip. So I am just gonna free wheel this. – It’s what you do. – That is my energry. – If they haven’t figured out yet. (laughing) – And I’m just using a
white colored pencil. You can use a chalk pencil too. And my mantra is, it’s gonna be O.K. ‘Cause my goal is to not
panic all the time in 2020. – Oh, I have a very low state goal. Putting the cap on the markers this year. – Oh yeah, I got really
bad at that last year. – Last year. Is this a race? – No. It is not a race, as someone wise once told me, – Art is not a race, was
something I said a lot. – [Isa] Yeah but you are winning. – I am winning the race. (soft upbeat music) Hey guys, Christie Beniston
here with a fiber factoid. Did you know embroidery
samplers are pieces of material embroidered with different
types of stitches and they’ve been used
since the 17th century? So I’ve swapped out the
oval hoop for the hoop that I’ve got in mybluprint
kit because this one will just keep it that much tighter. – And then later when
you’re done, it’s super easy to just switch it.
– Yeah. Then I can just put it into the oval hoop. Exactly. – I just don’t notice the new year. I feel like it just rolls. – You might notice because it’s so loud. Other people are making
really loud noises. On New Years.
– That’s true. I forgot about that.
– Not in our house. – Because we don’t do that. – We do not allow loud noises. – They’re not allowed. – They’re not allowed.
– They’re not allowed. – We did, when you were
younger, try to fake you out and pretend that New Years had happened just so we–
– Did you do that? – We did. – Is that why I always
fall asleep early now? It just takes one person nodding off for the entire family to just go down. – We’re just ready. – One by one. They just hit the ground. – It’s true. I just had a Benis-Tip though, can I tell my Benis-Tip? Figuring out how much embroidery thread you’re gonna need, the best
amount to embroider with, is arms length.
– Oh! I didn’t know that. – That’s a tip. Otherwise if it’s too long, it gets all– – You mean like this? – Yes.
(laughing) – Is that too long?
– That’s too long. – Yeah but then I’d have to re-thread it which would be so much
more annoying than pulling my arm back six feet, every time I make– – Because that’s not annoying. That’s not annoying. Uh oh, you’re winning the race. – Oh you know my other
favorite thing that you do when we’re embroidering? That actually terrifies me. Is when I’m sitting next to you and you’re working on your hand
craft and you go like this. (laughing) On the couch. So directly into my cornea. – Right. – [Isa] So I’m gonna do one last stitch. – Which stitch are you doing? – Get out my face, please.
– Which stitch are you doing? – I’m doing, it’s the
I, I’m going into the T. – No but what style of embroidery style? – This is called a back
stitch but I’m doing it with acrylic yarn so it’s
a bit of an improvisation. – It’s okay. To finish, the goal is to not have so many knots on this side. So to finish, you can
just hide it underneath your other stitches. – [Isa] I was just gonna do a knot. – But a knot is more of a
problem area to come out. It also makes a bobble, which
you may not want a bobble. – I don’t mind the bobble. – I just put it through like–
– Are you using the big scary scissors? – [Christie] They’re not that scary. – You don’t even tie a knot, you just leave it.
– No. You just pull it through like that and then it’s more flush,
it’s better that way. – Yeah that does make sense. – And you don’t have to do another knot. Knot’s are not really,
knots are not your friend. – Did I start crafting,
learning how to embroider? Is that you launched me, threw me into the deep end of the pool? – As you can imagine, you
weren’t exactly into structure. I will tell a story. So there was an art school
that all the kids did and it was very structured drawing. And they had little blocks drawn out so you would go through all the squares and yours, it was drawn
everything outside the square. – Oh no!
– It was like margin doodles. I had a worry.
– You had a worry. – She’s not going to make it. – And yet. – And yet, you’re doing okay. – And yet here I flubbing my embroidery. – All right, just something to note, floss you know comes with six threads and you want to split them. – Do the funny thing. You’re not doing it ’cause
you’re shy on camera, right? – I’m not gonna lick it. – You’re not gonna do it? – I’m not gonna lick it, no. – Normally you put that in your mouth. – I do, it goes right into my
mouth as I’m stretching it. But I’m not going to do that. – Embroidery–
– Not on TV. – There’s a lot of spitting
involved in embroidery. – There is a lot of spit. – Meanwhile I’m just stitching with yarn, which, I feel like you have
picked this battle a few times with me of picking
non-traditional craft supplies. – [Christie] Well I support a lot of that. – I like materials for what they are, rather than what they should be. I like how chunky this is. I like that it’s neon. This is so nice, it’s so plush. – I know, it gives a thicker line to it and I do think it’s a nice– – It makes it faster.
– It does make it faster. – I love an efficient project. – Can I get through this quickly? – Yeah after being told art was not a race my entire childhood. – And one of the tricks I like to do, when I’m doing a satin,
or a straight stich, is that instead of going
line by line by line, I like to sort of space it out. That way I’ll have an equal number of stitches on either side. – Look at how tiny this is.
– The goal with embroidery is not to have a gazillion
lines on this side. It’s to only have all of
your lines on this side. And then we can see–
– Sh. – Is this mean? No this is–
– It’s fine. – It’s fine, it’s fine.
– I’d like to be honest. I’d do a better job if–
– It’s fine. – If I wasn’t distracted– Talking.
– By me giving you all these tips. – Well given that we
don’t set resolutions, it makes it a little
hard to fail with them. That’s the real reason! – That’s the real reason. – That’s the real reason
we don’t set goals. Is because then you fail. – Right. Fear of failure. Hey guys it’s Isa Beniston
here with an Isa Benis-Tip. Crafting is a great way
to up cycle a good vintage find from your local estate
sales or flee markets. For a quick project, try
reupholstering a chair or a bench with an old
embroidery or quilt. – So time really flies
when you’re having fun. – It really does–
– And I’m done! I’m done! I’ve done all my letters
using all my different rainbow colored floss. – But your hood has changed. – My hoop has changed. I decided I wanted to take
it off my really good hoop that kept it really tight,
and now I’m putting it in more of a decorative hoop. – Which can be used for embroidery because I’m using it for embroidery. We’re not gonna hoop shame. – No hoop shaming here.
– It’s effective. – And I’ve cut the excess fabric off. And I’ve gathered with
a basting stitch around to fold that fabric in. And now I’m just going to finish it up by tightening it up. We’re very tidy and I’m
just gonna snip, snip. – Oh my gosh.
– Throw it across the room. – I’m gonna cut my whole
thing off the hoop. – And now it’s finished
because I’ve got it all gathered up and now I
have my finished project. – It looks lovely. – I know, I’m really proud of this. – Okay I get to finish mine now. – Wow, you made some progress. – I did, I did.
– Who knew you would get to the end?
– I know, who knew. I’m tying it with a knot, don’t hate me. – Ah there’s the knot! It’s okay, it’s not, you’re okay. Just finish it.
– Thanks mom. – It’s going to be okay. – It’s gonna be O.K. And then I am, donesies. – Cute. Where are you gonna put yours? – Where do I panic the most? Honestly it should be in my car. – I was gonna say car first thing. Just put it on your dash. – Out it on the dash. I’m gonna hang it from
my rear view mirror. – [Fake Audience] Ooh. – [Christie] I chose the
word linger because I think I don’t wanna leave the year behind and start the next year. – [Isa] I feel good about mine. I feel mine’s low stakes.
– Low stakes. – Okay so now that we’re
here with our party decor. (laughing) – Look what happened. I guess we just have never
had a New Years party. – Well now we have. – We have now.
– Now we have. – Now we’re having a party. – So I’m wondering, what
are our common threads when it comes to New Years. – Well neither of us can
stay up past midnight. – Can’t or don’t want to? – I don’t think we’re capable. – I don’t think we’re capable.
– Past midnight. Our other common thread we do, is that we do not like loud stuff. We don’t. Fireworks, pans, clanging. – Which is why we were given. – Noise makers. – Noise makers. – And I think finally, we
both think resolutions are? – Cheesy but important. – Important but cheesy. – Why are you saying it the other way? (laughing) What was wrong with
the way that I said it? Well that’s it for us. – Thanks for watching. – We’ll see you on the next episode. – Of Maker Knows Best. – Happy New Year.
– Happy New Year! (blowing horns quizzically) – Oh that one’s more fun. – It is. (laughing) – Don’t get me in the eye.


myother used to count the stitches she made a louis IXchairs legrest paintings by counting this is filling in and also split the yarn in two for thickness

I love the Energy and Connection between you both.. and MOM… Using Yarn is Crewel Embroidery… But I love the way you both show different ways of working a project, and that they both can come out great.

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