Elizabeth Turner – Curtain Maker

Elizabeth Turner: My name is Elizabeth Turner,
I started making curtains about 25 years ago from home and I got together with a friend.
We could both sew and we decided that we needed to earn ourselves some money and not go out
to work because the children were still small. And at that time we knew somebody who ran
a large curtain work room in the East End of London. So we phoned her up and asked her
if we could come and work for her for a couple of days for nothing in order to learn the
basics. She was very willing because after all we’re quite a distance from London so
not exactly competition and after that we set up in business and we’ve never looked
back. I now work at Sindles Farm which is in Aldsworth near Westbourne just north of
Emsworth, right on the border between West Sussex and Hampshire. We’ve been here for
10 years and I have two units, the first unit that I took on was a workroom and in addition
to that a small fabric showroom. When people come to see me here what makes us unique and
quite unlike a shop, is that not only have they got a great space to choose fabrics but
they can come into the workroom and actually see the work in progress, they can see the
hands on stuff that we do.

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Hi Elizabeth

Just watched your video – Very intersting to see. Have you heard of My.decozo soft furnishing forum? Might be a place of interest to you, curtains makers from all over the World use it.. Maybe you could drop by.



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