Easy Journaling – Using Block Colours To Start A Page

let’s have fun with some blocks of color
and rectangles today so last week I was like circle crazy Circle Circle Circle
Circle Circle you know me and my circles we all love circles don’t we unknown
number of times that people are like oh yeah I love circles too
yeah why is it about the circle okay we’re not circling today we’re gonna go
for rectangles so I’m using a different shape motif to drive this piece today
all right as you did this at the same time as last week’s piece so I think
that’s why I’ve gone for a different motif if you watched last week’s video
then you know I was having a bit of a difficulty that day just getting started
and sometimes when you have a difficulty I started using something that you can
just launch off of like for me using a motif like circles or shapes of some
description is a really good way of just getting me working so this piece I
wanted to do something a little bit different from my last one I wanted to
change it up a bit and this is where the color box are
coming from so long way I’m going to do some mark making and some doodling too
and we can kind of see how this page develops and where it goes to don’t
forget as usual I have got everything that I’ve used including the names of
the colors down in the description hopefully also there will be the brushes
there too so if there’s anything you’re looking for go check that out
underneath the video [MUSIC] okay so well we did get some circles or
part circle shapes kind of sneaking in didn’t we so I didn’t go that far away
from the circle I mean the rectangles have rounded edges so but I really like
the color patch feel for this one I’m putting the blocks of color down is
quite a fun way of starting a page and because this is a page of my junk
journal I let some of the print come through as well so there was already a
print color down here and as it worked well with the combination of paint
colors that I was using I thought I would just leave that and let that peek
through in places too I think recently in my junk journal I’ve been doing some
much more exploratory type of pages this works as a page in its own right but it
kind of doesn’t really tell much of a story on least not to me but I think it
has a various techniques in it and various looks that are gonna end up in
other places part of other pieces and that’s what’s so great about working on
a junk journal in junk journal pages in your art journal and just using them as
places to play so I hope you have fun with your creativity today and if you’re
looking for some more inspiration then watch these videos next and I will see
you out there catch you next time! Bye.


Want to play with some canvas? I have a couple of different canvas ideas you can try and I’ve put them in this video playlist: http://bit.ly/37eH0om

This one speaks volumes to me. I love color blocks and I think you did an amazing job with your doodling in them. Love it very much. 👏👍🎨💙💛

A fun piece. It seems Your subconscious is still trying to draw circles hence the rounded edges. But I like that. Sometimes squares are too harsh.xx

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