Easy and Elegant DIY Bridal Shower Decorations

Hello I’m Jennifer and in this video I’m
going to show you some beautiful and elegant DIY bridal shower decorations. So
stay tuned. So my dearest friend in the whole world,
her daughter is getting married. We have been friends for over 25 years. So, I
really wanted to do something special. So I have three things I want to show
you. One is a front door decoration. A second one is how to make your own
beautiful floral arrangement and the third is a very unique floral display. So for our bridal door decoration, I
started with a wreath and I didn’t want to hot glue anything on this wreath
because I wanted that wreath to be a gift to the bride. So everything I put on
this wreath, was attached with wire. The first thing we’re going to do is, we’re
going to add that tulle to the wreath. Remember, you only need two yards of
tulle. So fold it in half, grab some floral wire and wrap it around
the tulle. Once you’ve got it twisted around there, you’re going to add it to
the wreath and remember we’re doing everything to this wreath that doesn’t
damage it so that it can be a gift to the bride later. Time to add the bow to the wreath. Make
sure you pull out enough of the ribbon so that you have really long tails. It makes
it really beautiful. All I did was three loops on one side and three loops on the
other. Now, the ribbon I chose I found it at Hobby Lobby. It’s not wired because I
really kind of wanted a bow that just kind of flows. I cut about six inches of the ribbon and
that’s what I’m going to use to tie in the middle of the bow and use it to
attach to the wreath. Next, just trim your tails at an angle. In
the wedding section at Hobby Lobby, I found these diamond little appliques and
I thought one would look beautiful in the middle of the bow. So I broke out the
hot glue gun and attached it. So I know when a lot of you guys hear
about putting together a floral arrangement yourself, you get very verklempt and worried that it’s going to be extremely hard. I am going to show you
how easy it is to do. Now another thing that I love to do
is thinking outside the box when it comes to finding a floral container and
the one I found that I’m gonna use in this video I paid $9.99 for it at
t.j.maxx. So, think about something unique that you
can put the floral in. Cut several pieces of foam floral and I’ve had soaking in
this water for a little bit and now I’m ready to just kind of set them inside my
container. Now it’s time to actually put our floral together. Let me give you the
tip on how to make this super easy. You’re gonna have a large flower choice,
medium flower choice, and then your filler- whether it’s little flowers or
greenery. Start with your big flowers first. I like to do odd numbers with the
flowers. So in the big flowers, I chose two of the pink roses and then for the
medium flowers I’m going to put in three of the white flowers. Okay, for your last
step you’re just going to use the fillers to fill in all the holes and
gaps in your arrangement. This is really easy and really fun. The last thing I did was at a satin bow.
Look how beautiful this turned out and it’s super easy. So I wanted to do
something really extra special and really different for some of the floral
displays I wanted to put around the house. So, I’m only doing two. First one
was on our mantel in the living room. I have a big mirror in my dining room
and I wanted to display something just on the corner of the mirror. This was a
very inexpensive display to do and it was very easy and most of the things I
used in it, I got outside in my yard. I began by adding the branches behind the
mirror. Then, I added the Nandina and then I added it’s a plant called Knife Blade
I got it at the florist. Very inexpensive, but it had a beautiful sage green that
paired well with the deep green of the Nandina. Now, it’s time to add a little
bit of color and I did that with the mini carnations, both white and pink. Now,
when you’re cutting them, cut the stems pretty long so that when you’re tucking
it in, it kind of comes out really far from the whole arrangement and just
looks so airy and elegant. Let me tell you my secret to making an
elegant bow and that is using chiffon fabric. It is inexpensive.
I bought two yards of it. I cut it in half so that I could have two bows. It
is such a flowy, drapey fabric, stunning. I tucked a long piece a floral wire into
the back of the bow, twisted it, and then just slid it into
the greenery behind the mirror. Let me tell you a little bit about the
elements I used to make both the display on the fireplace mantel and the
one in the dining room. Again, I like to decorate in threes and I include that
even in florals. I chose something long and large, which was the branches.
Something medium, which was the Nandina. And I checked with my florist and she
said that mini carnations were a great flower to choose that you’re going to
have out for a while, that won’t be in water, they’ll hold up perfectly. So those
are the three elements I used to put this together. Let me show you how I did
it. Let me show you really quick what I did on the mantle and I kind of wanted
to draw it out to kind of show you guys how you layer each element on top of the
other to create such a beautiful look. You start again with the long branches
and you can do a couple of them but where they meet in the middle in the
mantle, I did wire those together so that they wouldn’t fall off of the mantle and
then everything else was tucked in. The second layer is going to be your leafy
branches. Now to create that airy look, don’t put those all the way to the end
of the very first branches that you put up. For the third layer, you’re just going
to add your small flowers and then the next layer you’re gonna add your larger
flowers and then you’re just going to add that beautiful chiffon bow. The
shower turned out lovely and in another video I’m going to show you the
absolutely beautiful cake that my daughter-in-law made and how we added
flowers to that. I want to say thank you to my dearest friend who let me share a
little bit of this. It was a pleasure and an honor to be able to host the shower.
Be sure to subscribe to my channel because I’m gonna have more videos
coming out later. Have a wonderful day.


OMG!!! Thank you for this! It was all so beautiful! Iโ€™m about to have a bridal shower for my future DIL next month and simple elegance is my goal, and this is PERFECT! I canโ€™t wait to see your cake video! I love everything you do, Jennifer!

Oh Jennifer love it love it! You are so talented and creative. You explain your steps so clearly and concisely. Thank you for sharing.๐Ÿ’•๐Ÿ’•

Your video appeared in a timely way. My granddaughter is getting married in the fall and I, along with her two sisters, will be hosting her bridesmaid's luncheon. I am definitely using these ideas. The front door wreath is spectacular. Love all the bow ideas. Thank you.

You did beautiful creations. It is so much fun to work with all those flowers. Your home is fun to host it and worked well for such a special occasion. I really enjoyed it, Thank you till next. Joyce

Omg…ver Klempt….my grandmother used to say that…havenโ€™t heard that German word for 25 years…you made me smile and brought back memories.By the way, your decorations are gorgeous.

So beautiful, itโ€™s getting close to that time of the year for spring bridal showers! Starting at the front door and flowing tastefully through out your home. Your enthusiasm shows for your friend and her daughter, what a lovely display!……. did the dining room sconces come from your store? Beautiful!

So beautiful! I love the wreath! My daughter is getting married in October and I will surely be stealing some of these beautiful touches. ๐Ÿฅฐ

My niece is getting married March 7th. What and where are the details on the wreath? Iโ€™d like to recreate it for the brides suite at the venue. Thanks

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