Why it's all designed like a racks(cabinets) 3:18 in the living next to the fire place too.. instead of those you could have used floating racks ( may be a glass or wooden one) next to the TV. Trust me it looks good than now how it is !

Am thinking of bringing Jonathan down here in 🇺🇬UG east of Africa to pioneer in setting up of my hse too😉🤔🤔🤔

The tv wall mount is toooooo high… and right above the fireplace is not the best spot since it will produce a lot of heat when turned on. BTW, the house is great ,I wish you all the luck!

Personally I wouldn’t paint the beams white. They draw your eyes to look up instead of making it blend in by paint EVERYTHING white. It also ties the flooring and windows together with the beams.

I wouldn't paint the ceiling beams. The natural wood contrasts very well with the ceiling as it is. If you paint it, no one will notice them. With all the white it almost looks like you're going for some type of Temple motif.

I am just wondering, why to build such a house with such a furniture, when you are not even able to reach like 80% of things?

That thing is going to cost a fortune to heat and cool. The pantry is larger than my kitchen, Lincoln's shower is bigger than my on suite… The pool looks larger than my entire apartment… Insanity.

Am i the only one that heard that just in my bedroom when the talked abot hardwood floor what the.

Feels more like here her home then a him home sorry to say.

Hey over there!
Theres too much white in your house mix it up a bit.
P.s those beams look very good in their original color DO NOT PAINT WHITE

1st time seeing YouTube channel that has a 💩 load of money and not saying anything about Australia and the bad fires and we have donated money so and so amount to help out all them homeless people and poor animals and here is a link a link in the description if you want to help out also 💁🏻‍♀️

Continuity issue – the fly in shows lamps on the front of the hoiuse and the next shot shows wires hanging where the lights are!!! Quality control guys – house looks fab!!

You need new painters if they are just suggesting white lol your house would look way better with stain on the pillars and some other decals

Ain't it funny….us watching their videos helped them buy that house. I was homeless a year ago, I'm done with YouTube for a while.

Instead of painting all the wood (trims/beams/…) you should give them a dark wood glaze to have at least some kind of contrast. Painting every little thing in the house white makes it feel way too sterile and not like a home.

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