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hey guys welcome back today I’m making
some candle arrangements from the dollar store you seen rocks and pebbles I
wanted to you know make some arrangements to set the mood a little
bit around here since I took down all of my holiday stuff I’m like it looks so
plain in here you know you put all these holiday things up and in just all of a
sudden it’s gone and it’s just like empty and mood less so candles are a
great way to set the mood so here we go for my tea light in stones arrangement I
use an old tray small stones three tea light candle holders and three tea light
candles this arrangement is pretty easy just place stones on the tray make room
for the candle holders and add candles for the sandy stones you’re going to
need a picture frame sand small stones twine for the three vases that are going
to be used as candle holders three floating candles and 5:27 multi use glue
tie up the twine at the bottom of the vase and wrap it around to your taste
then cut and glue hatsan on top of the picture frame place vases on top of the
sand rocks inside the vases to your taste hot water and floating candles for the mason jar Arrangements you’re
gonna need three mason jars two backs of clear glass gems natural raffia and free
floating candles wrap the raffia around the rim of the jar then glue and you can
make a cute little bow if you wish add the gems to the jar water floating
candles and light it up for the lemon tree on the rocks you’ll need a pizza
pan real or faux lemons and limes the handles of a gift bag white stones three
pillar candles a hot glue gun and glue sticks
gently pull apart the handles of the gift bag and glue it to the back of the
pan to make this cute tray place the stones on the tray arrange their limes
and lemons and place the candles right in the
middle for the blue gem surprise you need a clear glass plate glass blue gems
a candle glue the bowl is optional for an added bonus I glue to the flat side
of the gems and place on the flat area of the plate leave some of the plates
design exposed then add more gems to the border of the plate and place candle in
the middle here’s another look using the ball or you can use it as a cupcake or
kickstand alright guys this is sick I love them
love them love them love them every single one of them hope you enjoyed this
video and if you did please hit the like button and subscribe if you haven’t
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Could you do some more mason jar and wedding decoration ideas πŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œ xx

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