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Hey guys it’s Katy and Gizmo. Welcome back
to the channel. Today I have a collab for you. This is 5 Dollar Tree DIYs and I’ve partnered
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let’s go ahead and jump into this. So the first thing that I made was this succulent
garden planter. These are all fake from the Dollar Tree “Oh are you interested Gizmo?”
Gizmo’s interested. So basically what I did was I just started off with some succulents
from the Dollar Tree, some foam rounds, and a plastic dish. I also used some white rocks
to fill it. So, all I did is pulled out the succulents from their little pots, got as
much of the glue/gunk off as I could, and took off the tags. Then I put both of the
foam discs into my planter and then poked in my succulents and just sort of arranged
them the best way that I could. And then filled in the container with those white floral rocks.
I love how it looks- it looks so realistic you can’t even tell that it’s fake. I like
that I can put it somewhere that I don’t have to worry about it. I actually have it in my
kitchen right now and I’m kind of liking it there, but I could also put inside the bathroom
or something where it’s not going to get a lot of sunlight and it’s not going to matter.
Up next is this little framed picture. I just started with a frame that I got at the Dollar
Tree and I took it apart and I spray painted the frame white. I put this little picture
in that says “Be a pineapple. Stand tall, wear a crown, and be sweet on the inside”
and originally I thought about just making my own printable and was kind of looking for
stuff and I just decided to get on Etsy and I think I paid like three dollars and some
change for this I don’t think it was more than $5. I downloaded it and printed it myself.
But you can put whatever you want in here. You don’t have to go buy a print from Etsy.
You can use a family photo, or something like that, but I do just really like how it looks
with the white it changed it a lot from the silver and it you can actually find a lot
of images like this as well on Google that are free to use for personal use, but I just
happened to really like this one and decided to support their business and pay for it.
So next are some candle holders. Excuse the voice over here, but I realized that I did
a really crap job explaining this the first time. I used little candle holders and I made
a shorter candle holder and then a taller one. Using clear E6000 to make the taller
candle holder you want to glue two small candle holders top to top and just put the E6000
all the way around then just set it aside. For the smaller one you do the same thing
on the top of the candle holder pt a good generous amount of E6000 and put it on an
upside down candle plate. Just kind of mash it there. You want to leave these alone- let
them sit overnight. After I’ve let the taller one dry I’m going to just put more E6000 around
the top of it and then repeat the same process where I’m going to put it upside down onto
one of those little candle plates. And then again let this one dry overnight. It needs
a full 24 hours you put a candle on top. This is my next DIY and we are going to kick this
back to like elementary school. All I did was I took some hardback books and I picked
some up at the Dollar Tree you can use books that you already have, or grab some at Goodwill
or whatever. You don’t have to use- you don’t have to go buy books just to do this. I just
grabbed some wrapping paper and wrapped them up the same way that you used to in school
to keep your books safe and covered. I love how these look. These would look really good
in any color and if you wanted to you could write on the spine of the wrapping paper or
you can change this out seasonally. I just have the two on the mantel right now, and
I think I’m going to add more, because I really like it looks. And the last DIY is so ridiculously
simple. I took this milk glass- not milk glass- milk vase- milk jug style vase (there we go)
from the Dollar Tree, some of those leftover floral rocks from the succulent garden and
these little purple flowers. I’l show you in the video- I just trimmed off the funny
parts and all I did- this is so easy, I kind of feel guilty showing this as a DIY- but
literally just poured the rocks in the jar and cut apart the flowers and stuck the flowers
in. But I like this because it looks a lot more expensive than it is. “Whatd o you think
Gizmo?” I think it looks like something that you would pick up at Ross or TJ Maxx or even
like at Ikea something that you would pay a lot more than the $3 that it cost to make
this- and considering that I already had the rocks leftover, “You’re gonna fall off” considering
that I already had the rocks leftover this is like a $2 craft. I absolutely love this.
I think it looks so good and it just looks nice and spring-y and bright and I really
really like it. That it is for my 5 Dollar Tree DIYs. Please once again give the video
a thumbs up it does help my channel out so very much and if you are not already subscribed
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Omg they came out so cute! I think I need to head to the dollar tree again! This was so much fun…we'll have to do it again. Xoxox Bobbi

awh gizmo is so cute! haha this is such a great idea! they all turned out so nice too, awesome video! 🙂 xx

hello amanecer Craver and I love your DIY and I love you little puppy is so adorable and keek doing more and easy diy god bless you 🌻🌻💗💗🐶🐶

Great DIYs! I love Dollar Tree and do hauls all the time. Looking for organizing ideas and came across this video. Totally making the candle holders!!!! Thank you!!

I have been known to find some (cheap) perfume or body spray that is flower scented. then when I do anything with silk flowers I spritz them with the matching scent. (essential oil works well too)

I do not have a crafty bone in my body, but I like your ideas. I need to get some of that E6000, I noticed lots of folks using it.

Great job!!! Love the candle holders!! Where did u buy those candle plates???? i haven't seen them anywhere………

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This was so fun to watch! I love finding new YouTubers we are also knew to the whole vlogging thing!! Keep up the the good work! 💗 just subbed!! If you don't mind stop by our channel!!

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Such cute ideas – I would note that the flowers should have been longer – the short flowers made it look out of proportion.

doggie so cute, nothing enhnaces a home or a life like a wonderful pet. Dogs have so much personality, nosing around in your flowers, all about what mom is doing. love it.

very cute…new subbie here and I would really love it if you check my channel out and support me back. ..tfs.."Big Kisses"

I feel you could have explained and shown the candle craft better with the finished product. Also, suggest putting ant type of silk or plastic flower in base would work, or Color, not just showing one type and 1 Color. Using different sizes of vases to different sizes of flowers works wonders, just trying to help with your ideas to your ideas. Keep up the good work.

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