Doing The Wim Hof Method • Going Into Water at 40°F/°4C

And good morning everyone this is
another day in Lithuania, Vilnius and today is not a martial arts day but
today is still a very interesting one because I am going to challenge myself
and go out of the comfort zone because I believe that is essential for
our development and our lives There’s a bit of a backstory I have heard of a
person years ago who would walk half naked in the Everest and scientists
would put him in extreme cold conditions and would evaluate his condition and he would
be able to be there without experiencing any damage or a lot of discomfort to
degrees where a normal human being would be supposed to… Pretty much die. And that
person has created a program to teach others how to do the same and it
happened so that a person actually who knows me from my youtube channel
dedicated instructor of that person’s program and he’s teaching his seminar in
Vilnius today how to have control yourself using various techniques that
you would be able to be in cold conditions and you would be able to
handle it without any problem now the interesting side to that is that
I hate cold I go through a lot of trouble to make sure that I would not
have to experience cold like right now I’m wearing thermal clothes and a good
jacket although it’s not that cold so I don’t like I cold. If I can choose
not to go on into cold I don’t and in the past I used to meditate I used to do
breathing techniques myself so if I really want to yes now I can deal with
it but I normally try not to deal with any cold weather and when this person
invited me to to do this. To participate in this seminar I thought I have to do this
now you have to always… Part of my life philosophy is you have to go out of
your comfort zone you have to face things which you do not like which you
do not enjoy and this is a great chance and moment for me to do it so I’ll take
you together with me on this journey and I’ll introduce you to everything that’s
happening we’ll get to see some of the cool stuff and how they teach it so yeah
it’s going to be a good and cold day because I think I forgot
to tell you from what I know we’re going to dive into cold baths so let’s get
this journey started Turns out Google Maps isn’t always right and it took me
to the wrong place so luckily there’s a person who’s going to come and pick me
up at the car since I am car’less today And I think… Is that it? Let me see. Yes, it was the car indeed Warm up exercises to open up the diaphragm Warm up with coordination development And then theory Breathing exercises Followed by push ups without breathing The exercise shows that you can do more if your system is full of oxygen More than 50 push ups later Warm up before the main event Final steps Me It’s around 40 degrees Fahrenheit (4 degrees Celsius) Not everyone made it in About two minutes later Warm up again Followed by second timers I’m not in the picture since I didn’t know how to set the timer So Žilvinas, it’s a pleasure. Good to see again and just
to let the audience know it’s the next day after the would you say a seminar?
Or workshop? – Wim Hof Method Workshop Workshop, right. Since we didn’t have a chance to
have a good full talk after right now we are in a cafe meeting up and having this
nice chat about everything. How you came to the Wim Hof method? What brought you
there? – You want a long story or extra long story? – Let’s do a medium 🙂 – Most of my
life I was always looking for for fears as I mentioned previously which you heard
was that I believe that you have to be you have to improve yourself every
single day if you don’t really improve yourself every single day then what’s
the point Iike at least a little bit so I was
always looking for fears because fear is a greatest example of your weakness. If
you’re weak at something you’re afraid of it as an example most of people are
afraid of heights only because they never actually got used to being there so
it was the same for me with ice, with water, with cold. Once I was standing
just frightened from the hole in the lake while there was like -17 and I was
scared as hell I thought I’m gonna die but I’ve managed to jump in, I jumped out I
was all like I was steaming like literaly there was steam coming off of my body it
was beautiful for the next two months I was asking myself why why was I afraid
of it and just simply bit by bit for some reason
Wim Hof method workshop appeared on my Facebook wall. I went to a workshop, I
was I wasn’t prepared at all as I mentioned before to you that I had a date
after the workshop that date was very bad because I was in to complete
different things because I was… My world changed afterwards like imagine
your world changes and then you go to a date and you hear how someone goes to their hobbies to go to the shops and buy stuff and Netflix and all that
stuff so everything was. First time when I jumped in ice bath
I remember everything out of it it felt like ages. I sat in to an ice bath. There was a
Artur Paulins, instructor. I went there he saw that I was all tensed he asked me
to relax but that moment I felt I felt the worst probably pain I could have
felt in my life in my like palms and my feet but about after 20 30 seconds
disappeared and the best euphoria ever kicked in I’m still chasing that dragon
I’m literally still chasing that dragon I’m still chasing that single
feeling. So we were nearing to the end of the video and we had a great talk With Žilvinas. But if you want to listen to the whole thing just head on to the
podcast there’s gonna be links below so just listen to the whole thing as you
drive in your car or whatever you prefer I definitely recommend the talk we
touched a lot of different points not only about the Wim Hof method but also
about self-development and martial arts so you’re gonna have a blast apart from that
just to summarize all of my experience the world of breathing techniques was
not new for me because as some of you know I used to be a yoga instructor
a professional one can you believe that? and I used to do a lot of various
seminars including breathing seminars so a lot of the techniques were familiar to
me but at same time I can appreciate them
because they’ve given a lot to me especially in controlling your emotions
such as the one we spoke about a lot which is fear. Fear is such a barrier to so
many of us and the metaphor that I like to use is that if you have two paths and
one is the more efficient path but in that path there’s an object which you
fear versus a longer path than the non efficient path but it doesn’t have the
object of your fear if you are not able to deal with your fears you will
not go through the optimal path you will choose the less efficient path because
you are controlled by your fear basically you’re not making the
decisions you want to make you’re making decisions which are more comfortable for
you and the secret and the thing about fear is that people misunderstand
oftentimes the difference between courage and not having fear courage is
not about not having fear courage is the ability to act despite fear whatever
tools you may get and you may use in order to go over your fears and deal
with them I highly suggest to do that and breathing techniques or going into
cold if that’s your thing if that’s what you’re afraid of do it and overcome that
and become able to overcome your fears and choose the path in your life which
you want to choose. Now dealing with cold is one thing but dealing with your fears
is so much better so any methodology that can help you do that
I think it’s awesome to do it obviously I could talk about this forever but this
is not the last video we’re gonna touch various subjects as we go on and the last
thing I wanted to say in this one is there’s a lot of awesome content coming
up your way I am going to make a big shift in my life and I will let you know
about that next week so stay tuned but all-in-all is always thank you for
watching for through the whole video as always it’s impressive you’re staying for so
long I hope you enjoyed it and if you have any questions let me know in the
comments and we’ll connect up in the next video


Big changes are coming to the channel. This video is one small step towards it. So let me know what you think about this episode in the comments.
I will let you know all the details about the next big step that I am going to take next week. Meanwhile, listen to the full podcast here:—Understanding-the-Wim-Hof-Method-and-More–Ft–Zilvinas-Gruodis-ea3vcp

Not bad . However not really new . Has been done for purification ritual for along time. UESHIBA did this in rivers and under waterfalls.

Cold submersion is great but many are really missing a great trick for healing. going from an extremely cold bath (salted and closer to 20 F) to an extremely hot bath in a cycle of a few minutes each back and forth for 30 minutes or so is possibly the greatest anti-inflammatory/muscle recovery/injury prevention treatments one can do.

I wish it was 40 degrees over here…. It's hitting – at the moment. But on the plus, I'm going on holiday to Mexico for 2 weeks in 4 days time. It's meant to be around 30 degrees at the moment.

Maybe you could try taking your skills to the next level by submerging yourself in a hot tub of boiling water , like the so- called ""Shaolin priest "", in Britain (featured in "Stan Lee's Super humans")! I was surprised that you rated Wing Chun and Boxing below Karate in your Martial Arts evaluation scale video. Shotokan fighters often got beaten by boxers in The International Fight League. The blocks used in Karate (like those of Wing Chun) don't work against flailing street fighter punches, they only work against straight punches as used in Karate!!

Rokas my man. How's the winters are like in Lithuania. Here at north we have ice swimming and sauna open from october to april.

I am familiar with the concepts of Wim, I really love the man, I have resolved to take only cold showers, thanks to him, thank you Rokas. I am going to post videos soon, and I may reach out to you.

Ive heard about this and the health benefits. I dont think I could do it though. I get uncomfortably cold if the temperature is below 80F.

During Wrestling season we do cold showers and after weight training we do full body submersion in ice bath. Cold weather training is quite prevalent in wrestling physical culture likewise in the open waters scuba diving community.

I have been showering cold (as cold as the faucet goes, probably 6-8°C) for one and a half years. And it has really helped me deal with cold temparantures. I am now wearing shorts year-round (it's just a lot more comfortable), but by far the biggest benefit it has given me is self love. When I started it in summer 2018, I was at my absolute worst in terms of how I felt about myself. I hated myself to the point that I thought I didn't deserve to live because of the super bad things I had done in the past (actually not that bad at all, just typical being cringey and being rude because I didn't know better). When I routinely took cold showers, it was the first time that I had some sort of skill or achievement that I actually worked for. It gave me an incredibly huge boost mentally because then there was at least one good thing about me. Things went upward from there and now I'm doing a lot better.

Talking about fear and courage: Have you experienced social anxiety?

I have only recenly labeled it and recognised it as such, but have been dealing with i since I was wee. I have become better at talking and socialising through years of regular, delibrate experimentation and practice. I am much better than I was, but I stil hate socializing, and am still paralyzed by fear of interacting with people, more often choosing to stay at home instead. If I do go out, I always end up feeling miserable. It feels like I can never change this about myself, and that it is just part of me. I was just wondering if you had any insight on this subject.

Thanks for the cool video sharing your experience.
The technique, however, is doubtful. All the videos explaining it, as far as I can tell, lack the control group, i.e. nobody checks what it would be like without executing proper breathing tricks in advance.
I trained myself to swim ice-cold water after watching a bunch of Apetor's videos and realizing that the fear is the only thing stopping me from doing that (also, after reading some researches confirming bath like this does not inflict any significant damage to the body). So, I guess, it's a mind trick after all…

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