Do You Need Spiritual Home Decor?

Do you need spiritual home decor? Hi! I’m Suzanne, your host on Soul’s Home® TV. Where home feeds your soul. Decor is part of the Soul’s Home® ingredient – Form and Function. You might not think of decor in a spiritual way but it can be an important part of your Soul’s Home®. Traditionally, spiritual home decor included only religious items. If that feeds your soul, go for it. But if religious symbols in your home don’t feed your soul, how can you have a spiritual home decor? It starts with getting in touch with your soul’s purpose for this phase in your life. Is it to bond as a couple… Explore career opportunities… Further your education… Raise a family… Go on an adventure or something else? Look at your home from that lens and ask, “Does my decor reflect my soul’s purpose?” If it does, then you already have spiritual home decor. If it doesn’t, ask your soul if putting the
time and money into redecorating is a priority now. If not, don’t worry about decor and focus on what’s more important until you’re called to redecorate. When you’re ready, shop what you have by putting each decorative item in one of three categories: First, things to get rid of because they no longer serve your spiritual purpose. Second, items you want to keep but move to another place. Third, items you’ll keep where they are. For advice on how to get rid of things soulfully, see episode 16. You may be able to achieve spiritual decor just by purging and moving items around. If not, you’ll need to buy, make or find things to fill in the gaps. But before you go on a spending spree in the name of your soul… remember that your soul will never ask you to spend beyond your means. Going into debt to furnish your home won’t feed your soul. So, make a conscious choice about how much to spend before you start buying. Eric and I just did an inexpensive refresh that I’ll share next week. In the meantime, I hope you’ll be able to have decor that feeds your soul. If you’d like my help figuring out if moving or redecorating is right for you… click the link below to Contact Me. Until next week, I wish you well on your journey.

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