DIY Wedding Champagne Flutes & Unity Candles| Rose Gold Wedding Decoration Ideas

hey guys welcome back to my channel
today I’m gonna show you how to make wedding champagne flutes and matching
unity candles here we go so a couple weeks ago I brought one of
my tapir candleholders for my unity candle set and I was devastated
so then we say I’m smiling right now I was like you know I was so upset because
it’s one of the items that you know I really hope clothes from my wedding day
and it’s not broken so it’s pretty much the inspiration for today I decided that
I wanted to make a unity candle set and champagne flutes to keep the whole theme
going and yeah I’m very excited to make it and I did come up with three
different designs but I’m going to break those up in different videos and today
I’m going to start with rose gold which is the hottest name right now so I like
to make that today so yeah let’s get started before I start painting the
first thing we’re going to do is cover up the areas where we don’t want the
paint to gone and for my champagne flutes I only want paint on the stem and
the bottom and only a quarter right here from the glass and 3/4 of this is going
to be covered okay for my candle I want a half of it to be painted and the other
half to be white and this is totally safe make sure that you don’t get any
paint on the lake and you’ll be alright so what I have here is the rubber band
because it has to be really really hard to cover or keep the the coverage
straight with only painters tape so I placed a rubber band here this is a tag
that I learned from another channel that I can’t remember right now I’m so sorry
I would like put in my description box she has great stuff and now I’m just
going to cover up the rest the part of the candle where I don’t want any other
paint to go on and I’m doing this way because this is the only way I
could keep this straight I mean I was like literally doing this for about a
good half an hour and I was just like oh my gosh I can keep this straight and
then I want you to to look for ways to get this going and here it is look at
that easy and I did the very same thing to my champagne glasses I added the
rubber band and in a Cobra both glasses with painters tape and he took me
nothing for like a minute minute and a half and he was done and yeah so let’s
get started with meeting and here are my payment items and
earlier I forgot to show you my tapered candles and you’re gonna have to paint
these as well but for this one you don’t have to worry about adding the rubber
band to it because the candle is thin enough for you to be able to just wrap
around the painters tape on it and he only took me about five seconds it was
pretty easy and look at this candle a perfect candle perfect perfect perfect I
love it and now all I have to do is take off the
painters tape from the glass and the tapered candles and I’m going to start
with the embellishment to embellish my champagne glasses and my
pillar candle I’m going to be using this beautiful button from Hobby Lobby it is
rose gold I’m not sure if you’re able to see it and it has beautiful gems on it
and since this is a button it has this thing back here that you use to attach
it to clothing or to anything that you want to attach it to but I’m going to
use pliers to pull this off because I need this to be flat in order for me to
be able to attach it to the glass so it’s going to look something like this
and for my taper candles I’m going to be used in smaller buttons this one does
they have rose gold on it is only on gems but it was as close as I could find
because they didn’t have this one in a smaller version so this one was the
closest I could find that will look like it so I think it works I’m also going to
use gemstone strips and this packet comes with black and clear strips but
I’m only going to use the clear ones the black ones are for another project and
just to let you know guys all of this embellishment we’re 50% off at Hobby
Lobby so I’m going to start with my tapering Andals and what I’m going to do
is just pull a strip of the clear gems and these are self-adhesive
so all you have to do is place them right between the rose gold and the
white and just you know wrap it around and you want to leave a little room here
in the middle so you can place the button on there for my smaller button I
decided to leave the back on and use it to my advantage so what I’m going to do
is use the tip of my hot glue gun and I’m going to melt a hole right here in
the middle in between these gems and I’m going to melt a little bit of that off
and then I’m going to push the button right in there and with the champagne glass is pretty
much the same process except that there’s no melting involved and here
we’re going to add glue to the top middle and bottom of the button alright guys this is a this is my Rosco
wedding unity candles and champagne flutes and they are absolutely elegant I
love them and they were very easy to make and they took no time at all the
hardest part about this project was trying to get the painters tape around
the candles and the champagne flute other than that very easy love it I hope
you guys enjoyed this video and if you did make sure to give it a thumbs up and
let me know in the comments below what you thought of the video and let me know
what other wedding videos you would like to see in the future and if you’re new
to this channel make sure to subscribe and hit that notification button so you
can know every time I upload a video alright guys until next time bye


Hi guys! Let me know what you guys think about this project & let me know what other wedding projects you'd like to see. Thanks for watching!


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