DIY Waste Glass Bottle Decoration / Boho Bottle Decoration / DIY Craft Ideas #2 | Dhara Patel

Hello everyone, I am Dhara Welcome to my channel First thing first, If you don’t understand Hindi Please turn on Closed Caption for English subtitle so today I will make bottle decoration again I love bohemian decor now a days So this time. I will decorate with bohemian style Let’s Start the video To make bohemian bottle decoration, You need Clear Glass bottle and White gel pen. You can use permanent marker also Make any bohemian design on glass bottle with the use of white gel pen Here I am making dream catcher design You can make any bohemian design of your choice i will make design on another bottle also In this bottle, I am writing inspirational quote and making some bohemian patterns After designing on bottle, Take one thread, Cowrie shells, and beads for bottle’s neck Now pass cowrie and beads one by one on thread After that place it on bottle’s neck Boho bottle decoration is ready Place some fresh or artificial flowers It looks really gorgeous If you like my video, Please like, share and subscribe to my channel and press on bell icon for notification Bye


Hi dhara
Will you please add which material you have used in video to make a craft in description of the video
Like pen and everything
Thanks in advance
Super video and easy diy
Lots of love

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