DIY Wall Hanging | Easy DIY Wall Decor Project

Hello everyone, it’s Mia Welcome to my video. So today’s video
is about how to DIY a wall hang project. The result didn’t turn out like perfect but I still like it’s more like
experiment because this is my first time doing this kind of project and I made some realizations and so if you guys also want to do this project and you can
watch this video and have a basic idea and do a better job than me so after I cut them in the same length, I
just do a simple head knot which you fold in half and place a loop over the
rod and then bring the loop around the back and pull two cord ends through
the loop to tighten I used a simple knot to secure the loops, which I used the cord from the last loop and the one from the next loop to tie them together with this basic knot and
I think this will secure all the loops Now it’s the painting time and so before I
did this project I didn’t really think about what kind of color I should go with
so I just simply chose the color that I like and I mixed the color with lots
of water because it is wetter then it’s more easier to your dye the yarn.
well I highly recommend using a small section of the yarn to test the color
first, so you can see how the color goes with each other that would make
sure the final project looks good however, I was too lazy that I just
started with my entire project so I paint it with pink green and blue
colors. They did look good when they were still wet but because I didn’t wait for the
first section got dried, then paint the next section
so the color that is close to each other they got melted each other and does not
have a clear edge so I think I have to paint it over again and also because
the pink color is kind of to pink when it got dry so I decided to wash it over and then paint with a new color so this time I choose the creamy purple color I
mixed with lots of white color with a little bit blue and a little bit pink I really like this creamy purple color. I think it’s much better than the color that I used to have and so because I washed off the pink
section is also kind of messed up the green section and the blue section so I
have to pain it over again too and this time I want to do a gradient color so I
start with one edge like darker blue and our edge is a lighter blue and for the
green section is one edge darker green and the other edge is more like the yellow
green and for this time I painted purple and
the blue section first and I left the green section for dry and I waited until
the purple and the blue got dry almost completely and then I started to paint
with the green section so I think this time I got the clear edges between the colors so it’s the final look. I wish my video can give you some ideas or help you if you also wanna do a DIY wall hang project And if you like my video, please like subscribe and share. Thank you

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