DIY Room Decor with Quilling Art : Amazing Home Decor with Feather Quilling DIY Crafts

How to Make a Beautiful Quilling Craft for Home Decor Things You Need… Peacock Feather Rough Sketch, Quilling Needle, Adhesive, Quilling Strips, Scissors Glitter and Pearl Take a quilling strip and make tight coils out of it. Give it a tear drop shape with fingers as shown We need multiple such coils. Now take the sketch and paste these tear drop shape designs on it as shown. Take yellow and orange coils and make the tear drop shape. Paste these designs on the sketch as well as shown here. Now take different color quilling strips and paste them on the sketch as shown. Take a yellow strip and make some loose coils at the the beginning of the strip and paste it as shown. Now again cut and paste different color strips on the sketch. Continue with the same process by taking long and small strips as shown. Make coils at the top of the strip as and when necessary to complete the design. This is how the sketch looks now. Now add more strips to the feather sketch. Use different strips and complete the entire sketch as shown. We have completed one part of the design, now complete the remaining design as shown. Add more strips to the other part of the sketch as well like this. Now complete the bottom portion of the sketch as shown. This is how the peacock feather looks like post completion Decorate with pearls and glitter and use it on the walls as a home decor. Wow!! Your beautiful quilling craft for the home decor is now ready. Thanks for watching and Happy Crafting!


can i know the DIY room decor with quilling the drawing that u draw's picture?bcz it is too blur in the video.

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